How To Recover From A Bad Business Reputation

We all make mistakes – it’s part of human nature. And, it’s the only way that most of us learn how to do things better.

However, when you make a poor decision and goof up with a customer, it can cause serious issues.

When people spend money on your product or service, they tend to be a lot more unforgiving, so, it might well lead to a slur on your reputation.

bad reputation


Unfortunately, this can be hard to get over, especially in these modern times. Social networks, for example, highlight plenty of examples of poor customer service. Worry not, though.

Act in the right way and do your best to repair the damage and it will soon be a thing of the past. Here are some ideas that can help you recover from a poor business reputation.


Be quick to respond

Whenever anybody makes a complaint, it’s vital to respond to it as soon as possible. This is especially true of the social media environment.

All your other customers could see it, and, indeed, so could millions more. So, any complaint that you get should be met with an unequivocal apology and an offer of a solution.

Do things in the right way and you will start to regain your reputation almost instantly.


Train your staff

If you have employees, make sure that you give them the right tools and training to deal with complaints. For example, they need to know exactly how to interact with customers under the conditions they work in.

It could be customer-facing, on social media, or on the telephone. And, be aware that just because somebody is competent in the flesh, that they will be when they write a response.

They could have a cheeky manner, but get away with it face to face because the customer can see their body language. Put it into print, however, and it might sound damn rude.

One essential task to do is to draw up a tone of voice guide for your staff to use. It will help set the boundaries and rules from here on in, and help you sound like a more professional and coherent company.


Make a show of your new image

If you are trying to repair a poor reputation, one of the best things you can do is get out there and face up to people. Visit your old clients, take out an ad in the papers, or even put on a local business event.

However, if you do go down this route, it is essential to get it right first time.

Seek out an event management agency to ensure you don’t make another mistake. If people are prepared to give you another shot, it’s important not to blow it!


Find a reputation management expert

If all your efforts have been in vain, and you can’t pull things around yourself, see an expert. There are plenty of companies out there that can find out what your customers are saying about you online.

They can also do things like clean up your search results and remove or amend negative comments. Of course, this doesn’t address the real problems – which are your customer service skills.

So, make sure you take on board the comments and act upon them, rather than just put your head in the sand.


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