How to Show Your Clients You Care

Showing your clients you care is a very important part of business.

Your clients are the only reason you are keeping your business up and running. You’re there to serve them.

So, how can you show your customers that they are important to you and keep them on your side?

Use these tips.


Send Free Gifts

Send your client a free gift, or give them one when they come to shop with you physically. The more personalised you can make it, the more meaningful it’ll be to them.

You could give them a sample product that works in harmony with something they’ve purchased from you, for instance.

Regardless of what you send them, everybody loves free gifts and it’ll definitely create a positive feeling in their minds!


Send Handwritten Notes

There’s nothing quite like a handwritten note to show your customers that you care. Again, this helps them to have an amazing experience with you.

It isn’t just about the product you sell them or the service you give. It’s the experience as a whole.


Send Special Occasion Cards

Special occasion cards keep you in your customer’s heads all through the year. It’s also a nice gesture to show that you appreciate your custom.

Personalising them might not be possible, but this can make a massive difference. Sending a card at Christmas time and on their birthdays will make a big impact.

Business holiday ecards are the more eco friendly way to do it if you’d prefer. You have no excuse for skipping this step!


Offer Great Customer Service

Customer service is a very big deal. You need to have the best customer service policy you can fathom, so that the majority of your customers work with you and feel extremely satisfied.

You can’t please everybody, no matter how great your customer service is. That’s just life. Providing you can please the majority, you’ll be fine!

Try to rectify any problems as quickly as you can, and remember that each customer should feel like they’ve had a small victory afterwards.

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Respond on Social Media

If you ignore your clients on social media, you look like you couldn’t care at all. When they engage with you, this is a very good sign.

You need to respond in quick time! Even if you say thank you for their kind comments, it’ll mean a lot to them.

It’s even more important that you respond if they say something negative to you.

You need to try to redeem yourself and show off that great customer service that we talked about earlier.


Give Tips and Advice for Free

Give your customers tips and advice for free, so they know exactly how to get the most out of your products and services.

You can do this in person, or even in the form of a blog. Blogs are very clever ways of increasing your exposure and following.


Ask for Feedback

Asking your clients for feedback shows that you care about their opinion.

Really listen to them and try to improve on the things they tell you.


Show your clients you care and they’ll stay loyal to you in the long run!

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