How to Start a Gas Station Business

If you dream of operating a gas station and car wash outlet in California, then you are going to need to find dependable service station construction california. The right company will be capable of designing and building the service station and car wash from the ground up. This means that they will be able to handle facility tanks and fuel systems as well as car wash construction for all types of projects.


Petroleum Station Design and Build Services

The construction company should be fully enabled to perform design and build services of petroleum, hydrogen, LNG, and CNG stations. This may involve demolishing old gas stations and convenience stores. It will certainly require them to build new branded conventional gas stations, car washes, and convenience stores.

The firm will also need to remove and replace both all underground and above ground fuel storage and distribution systems. They will need to perform cutting-edged upgrades on fuel dispensers. Stage II Vapor recovery system conversions will likely be required as well. All final facilities will need to be in full ADA compliance.

Installing a car wash system will be a part of the design and build job. The company will need to install water sealed sump lids. Finally they will have to engage in compliance repairs for underground fuel systems that are environmentally friendly.



Maintenance services will be required on an ongoing basis. The construction firm should feature complete services relating to all fueling and facility operations maintenance. Their technicians will be well-trained to provide for the various point of sale and fueling facility equipment. It will require all the field crews to be API, OSHA, and ICC certified so that they are able to engage in installation, service, start up, and repair and warranty work on the facility.


Car Wash Construction Services

Car wash designing services will need to be varied. They may include traffic control plans and feasibility studies. Systems will need to be chosen and installed. Operation and maintenance programs need to be established. The firm will need to provide design and construction, and installation and maintenance services for the various systems of newly built car wash.

Such services will need to include car wash structures and systems, all needed equipment, reverse osmosis systems, water reclamation systems, controls, and all relevant components. Technicians need to be manufacturer authorized to deliver the retro fits, preventative maintenance, and ongoing maintenance services to keep the car wash up and running. They should also provide data management services that make it possible to track the site’s history, including scheduled maintenance, operating equipment, and car wash chemical use.

2 thoughts on “How to Start a Gas Station Business

  1. The amount of money that will be spent in this kind of business is no joke. But the profit will sure be worth it–and no joke either! Thanks for the tips, Erik! 🙂

  2. yeah great tips for startup if you can spend on this kind of business you will find most profit but you need to spend a lot of money but thanks for sharing

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