How Your Small Local Business Can Dominate Google Search Results

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As a local business, you might think you’ve got no chance of showing up on Google. After all, there are thousands (maybe millions) of similar businesses out there.

As a restaurant, tradesman, or local shop, you might just ignore the process entirely. The truth is you can build a strong presence on Google.

In fact, a small business can quickly grow to dominate the results page in their local area.

Last year, Google introduced the Pigeon update. It was a new initiative to focus on local search results, and highlight them.

Google knows that half its audience are on a mobile device (usually looking for local information). That means your local business has every chance of building a presence.

It’s still early days, so by acting now, you can dominate the results page. Here’s how.


Submit to local listings

Google scours local search directories to find information about local businesses. It’s looking to find out what companies are operating in a certain area.

It does this by looking for names and addresses in online listings. There are lots of places to start listing your company. Start with Google Places For Business, Yahoo! Local Listing, Yelp! and Yellow Pages.


Register on Google Maps

When Google serves up local results, it also provides users with an accurate map. Google won’t display a search result unless it can show searchers exactly where you are.

You can start by creating a Google + business account, and locate your company on the map.


Build positive online reviews

Now that Google knows who you are, and where you are, it wants to know how good you are! Naturally, Google wants to send its searchers to the very best businesses.

If you’re searching for an Indian restaurant, Google wants to direct you to the best. If you’re looking for a roofer, Google is going to suggest the best roofer in the business.

How does it know that? Through online reviews and ratings. Google’s Pigeon update now dives into review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp!

It’s looking for the best rated businesses to serve its users. Make sure you’re rated highly online.


Get help from the experts

In addition to these techniques, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to take care off. Local SEO involves specific metadata, titles, and images on site.

Getting them right is tricky, but an expert firm can help you. Consult an SEO agency, and see how you could improve local search results.


Keywords and backlinks

While local SEO has its own set of techniques, the basics still matter too. And your SEO basics are all about relevant keywords and backlinks.

Both of these tricks build your relevancy and your authority. Research the best keywords for your business and place them strategically on your site.

Next, look for natural and organic links from other websites. This proves your worth and authority to Google.


Your small, local business can grow to dominate Google.

Local SEO has never been more important, and it could make a huge difference to your business.

Make sure you’re capitalizing on it!

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