Serious Curb Appeal – 4 Ways to Increase Traffic Flow to Your Store

"We're Open" sign

Is your store not getting the type of traffic that you think it should be getting?

There is a good chance that some improvements to your store’s curb appeal could bring more people into your place of business.

With a little extra effort, you can become the new sensation on the block and get customers flocking to your store in no time.


Let Everyone Know, “We’re Here!”

Customers can’t very well visit your store if they have no idea that you are there, and open for business.

An attractive sign can pique the curiosity of those who may not have known that your store was open for business.

Those who have seen your store in the past may be willing to give it a shot if you use an attractive, professional sign that shows that you run a sophisticated business.

Even when the store is closed, it is a good idea to invest in sign lighting, in order to highlight your business during darker hours, and after business hours.

You want to be visible to your customers 24/7.

"We're Open" sign


Ditch the Clutter

Cleanliness is important to customers.

Keeping your storefront and the walkways immediately outside your store free from dirt and debris shows that you care about attention to detail.

You should have the windows washed at least once a month to keep them as clean as possible.

With a clean, clear presentation, your store will be both easier to get to as well as inviting.

Some business owners think it isn’t their job to get rid of trash or branches outside on the street, but anything in the vicinity of your business is your responsibility.

Don’t wait for someone else to take care of it—your customers will notice a cluttered walkaway, and it might deter them from coming in.


Location, Location, Location

If you are expanding your business, or trying to open your first store, in order to to attract more traffic, you should put your business in a spot where customers can easily get to your store by foot.

If there are shrubs or other obstacles that make it difficult to walk to your store without stepping onto a busy road or a busy parking lot, potential customers could decide to steer clear of your shop.

Giving your customers a straight line path that is free from traffic and other impediments makes it easier for pedestrians to visit your shop.

If you can, try to choose a location that is also easy for customers to reach by car. If there is terrible parking or no easy road access to the store, you will lose a lot of business. While you can’t always control this, it is something to think about when expanding your business and choosing new locations.


Window or Outdoor Displays

Running special sales or inviting outside vendors to set up outside of your shop can encourage people to visit your store.

When passersby see people having an ice cream cone or getting a good deal on produce, they are more likely to see why everyone else is having such a good time.

The curiosity factor may even entice more customers to spend money on items that they weren’t even planning on buying that day.

Many clothing retailers set up manikins in the window, or even out on the sidewalk, to show people what kinds of clothes they can find inside. This is a great way to peak the curiosity of those walking or driving by.


The outside of your store needs to be a beacon that call shoppers to your business.

By making an attractive sign, offering attractive sales and making it easier to get to your store, your company gains new opportunities to attract new customers and increase sales without doing anything to the inside of your store.

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