How to Improve the Safety of Your Logging Company

Everyone knows that logging is a very dangerous career choice. The risk of injury or death is very real. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every logging company owner to do everything in his or her power to ensure the safety of all their employees.

There are many outstanding pieces of safety equipment that are currently available on the market. Making the use of this equipment mandatory can reduce the chances of one of your employees being seriously injured or killed.

They can also keep you out of the courtroom by preventing you from getting sued for negligence or wrongful death. Here are some of the best ways to improve the safety of your logging company.


1. Evaluate all of your equipment

The first thing you will need to do in order to make sure your employees are safe is to carefully inspect all of the equipment they use on a daily basis. Make sure that it is not damaged and it still functions correctly.

It would be a good idea to dispose of all outdated equipment and replace it with the newest models. Old equipment will be much more likely to fail at an inopportune moment.

It will cost you some money to buy new fall protection harnesses and other equipment. However, this is a worthwhile investment in your company and the overall safety of the people who work for you.

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2. Are your employees receiving proper safety instructions?

Having the best safety equipment is fine. However, knowing the right way to use that equipment is another matter entirely.

Your employees will still be at risk if they are not receiving the proper instructions regarding how to use their safety gear.

You will need to evaluate the level of instruction that your new employees are receiving.

Do they learn enough to know how to adequately protect themselves and save a fellow employee who is in danger? If not, you will need to create new safety classes that are mandatory for all employees.


3. How many hours are your employees working?

Logging is a profession that requires your full attention while you are on the job.

You can not afford to be distracted for even a few seconds. Lack of sleep could result in a serious accident for one or more of your employees.

Therefore, limit the amount of overtime that your employees can ask for. This will ensure that they are always alert.

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