How to Make Money Starting a Clothing Company

With the arrival of the internet, selling items online has become increasingly exploited and a very simple idea to make money on the web is definitely open a clothing company.

Even if there are thousands of online t-shirt stores, with a lot of imagination, creativity and enthusiasm you can still find your own place in this competitive market.

There have already been case histories of people who started as a joke, but then it has become their main activity.

The secret is choosing the right strand, the most suitable one for you, in line to your abilities.

The T-shirt has now become a way to communicate in all respects. If you are looking for a job, a girlfriend, if you want to advertise your own business or simply your Facebook profile, now one of the most original is just to say it with a t-shirt!

The secret of the success is simple : quality and simplicity.  In fact, you could need just a nice logo and an original sentence to be done.

The t-shirts are much in vogue in the social field, and they are becoming a way of promotion for any good or service.

It is no coincidence that currently the most popular color is green, synonymous with attention to protecting the environment and save the planet.

Very popular are also the t-shirt on political or satirical caricatures of sports figures, television, or about past famous people.

How to Start a Online Clothing Company

The techniques of production of T-shirts are numerous, and in the business plan phase of your activity you will decide what will be the best technique for your initial budget, choosing between printing, embroidery, screen printing, etc.

Investment costs vary with the technique chosen.

The cheapest and most used is the press, since this allows a simple and easy to manage production. Then if you have a good idea but little money to invest, you can rely on outside contractors which will produce the shirts for you on commission.

Or even better, you may want to start a business at no cost by contacting an online site, checking first the reliability, print quality and fabrics used. You will see that they can realize the t-shirts with designs created by you at affordable prices, while you will need to take care only of the creative aspect, the promotion and sale of t-shirts, without having to invest capital to buy equipment needed to print.

The hardest part of this activity is of course the sales of the t-shirt.

T-Shirt close up with "They're Real" words on it

How to Market Your T-Shirt Business

Before you start producing, do some simple market test, talk to your family and friends to get an honest opinion on your product, sell a few pieces on ebay or other online sites. If you know someone who has a clothing store, ask for an expert opinion.

Then dedicate yourself to an intense promotional campaign : you can advertise your product in any way.

Try to determine who will wear your T-shirt, for istance if they will be dedicated to teenagers or the general public, the adults or the trendy young people.

If you know your customer, you aim at him with targeted visual promotions and an appropriate style that captures his attention.

For your business company, you should create a logo that people can remember, it must be something simple and recognizable : in some way to communicate a “concept”.

The range of customers to whom you sell your shirts, will identify themselves with that logo.

If the sale is done mostly online, pay attention to the positioning of your site on search engines, make sure that text and graphics are appropriate to your customers.

If you think about drawing on a white shirt and make easily lots of money, you are probably wrong. You need to do plan well your activities, in this way you will have great satisfaction, as already demonstrated by many success stories, which can occur both in the traditional market offline or online.

In a sector so competitive it is essential to treat the product presentation, packaging and corporate image.

Useful Tips and Resources for T-Shirt Business

Among many others, there is a very popular website called that gives you the possibility of becoming a fashion designer.

You can create T-shirts, sweaters, shorts, pants, sweatshirts for dogs, bags, underwear and much more!

The site is in vary languages and it has one “create yourself” section, where you will be guided through the creation of your product in a simple and intuitive way.

The site also will tell you automatically the costs whenever you insert a new picture or writing on your shirt (or whatever you are creating).

The processing time is usually 1-2 days and the order of delivery is approximately 5 days (depending on your country).

Spreadshirt offer also the opportunity to build your own online store and decide your commission on the shirts that you create.

In fact, just upload your images and place them in sweatshirts, bags, shirts, pants or wherever you want.

Then you can create your e-commerce in a simple and automatic way.

If someone buy your own shirt or clothes, Spreadshirt will handle the selling and shipping, and give you money as commission.

A part of this, you can find many other opportunities in the web.

Useful Resources for Your Clothing Company

Some useful resources online :










Work with passion and think outside the box.

Create new designs and new trends.

All this combined with a strong enthusiasm and hard work will help build a successful online business.

Good luck with your Clothing Company !

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