How to Make Money Creating a Dating Agency

With internet discovery, and even more in the last years, an increasing number of people are meeting trough the web and often they arrive to marriage : speed dating, internet dating agency, international marriage agency, face to face, are all modern systems to meet the your sweetheart.

Many online sites were created during the last years about online dating : just think about “have an affair“, as Ashley Madison slogan says, a site that offers cheating partner service.

There are a lot of categories in the dating agency world : straight men/women, gay and lesbians, 50+ men/women, quickdating,  online dating, international/travel dating, affluent men/women, even for positive community (PositivesDating).

Make money creating a dating agency is an interesting opportunity not only to make business online, but also offline.

It can be very lucrative, if  you realize to raise a huge and popular community.

And the targeting market is certainly growing in the last decades : more and more people are single or are divorcing or are contacting dating agency to find their love or their partner (or just for cheating !).

A boy and a girl chatting online via dating agency

How to Create A Dating Agency

Firstly understand the difference between starting an online dating agency or creating a real meeting agency (with an office).

Create an Online Dating Agency

In the first case, you will need a designed website dedicated to users, with easy interface and chat that allow the clients to find their perfect match.

So you have choosen the online presence, then you need to build a website.

Creating your online presence is not so hard, above all if you decide to use Wordpress and build a blog about your business as Dating Agency.

Of course more traffic you will get in your site, will lead to more potential customers.

There are a lot of methods to get more visitors to your blog : for example, article marketing, forum marketing, subscribing your blog to Directories, and some other ways.

Create a Real Meeting Agency

In the second case, you will need phisical space, rooms that are suitable to host your guests trough a “face to face” meeting and an inside organization that can put at ease the clients.

Make sure in both cases, to create and organize a database that allow you to protect your clients from scammers or sexual predators (unless the goal of your agency is this).

You can also track the successful dates of your clients and the matches that will end in marriage : this will help you also to get a good reputation.

Do not forget that privacy of your clients is of primary importance.

How to market your dating agency depend on which category and kind of business you will choose : you can use online ads, local or national print, radio or even television if you can afford it.

You can also contact local or national singles organizations and let them know about your new dating agency.

To keep your agency attractive, you should continue to post useful articles to the site, as news about the relationships, love, romance, self confidence and other related topics will encourage clients to return and tell their friends about it.

If you have success, you can also think about add some services to your agency, for istance a wedding planner business (see related article in archieve).


Are you ready to take the place of Cupid and create your dating agency?

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