How to Make Money Creating iPhone Applications

There are more than 108 millions of iPhones sold worldwide since March 2011 and by 2013, americans will buy $4.2 billion in mobile applications according to previsions.

Making money creating iPhone applications is a great way to considerate.

The opportunity to profit from iPhone apps is growing as more people buy an iPhone, iPod Touch or the new iPad, which can both run the apps you will make.

With the big number of sales, you have a large and growing audience of potential customers ( one guy made almost $30k in a single day with iFart ).

This year looks to be another huge year for the iPhone as the leading smart phone continues to soar in popularity.

This means that you will be able to make more money by selling your app to more people.

How to Start Building iPhone Applications

The first step to making money with iPhone apps, is to create your app.

The most important part of the development process is to have an original idea for an app that will help people in their everyday lives.

You should think about something original and unique that can make easier people lives or something fun, like games.

Hand holding an iPhone with $ symbol on screen

In order to make people interested in your application, you would first need to know what applications already exist, what people are looking and expecting from an iPhone application.

Research the market, browse through Apple Store, talk to your friends and think as a customer.

Make your app simple and usable, no complicated stuff : not everyone are tech genius.

Spend also sometime thinking about your marketing plan : the more you market, the more you will earn.

You should worry about finding your customers and deciding the right price for your app : estimating the right price for your application is important.

You would need to consider how much time you spent on it and how much was the input cost, this will determine the price range.

Next, get your app listed in the App Store, which will review its usability and functionality and then put it for sale.

This is a premier directory with maximum traffic and once it is reviewed it is kept on the top of the applications list.

Everything that you sell on Apple Store gets you 70% of the profit, which is a good amount of incentive and the future looks bright.

Once your app is accepted from Apple Store, you will receive a lot of hits,so a good tip is trying re-submit you app with small changes or improvements so as to achieve that top list ranking again. Not matter how small the changes are, Apple will review and submit.

You can think about a premium version or you can also put the primary application for free and charge premium price for later versions.

As 2010 starts, there are more than 100,000 apps for sale in Apple’s superstore.

Good luck in making money with iPhone Applications !

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