How to Make Money Online as Infopreneur

An “infopreneur”  is an entrepreneur who specializes in information,  providing, promoting and distributing knowledge, usually within a niche market : this can be an interesting and profitable way to make money online.

You already know that the internet can be a good source to find information : it is possible to make money by giving quality information to others.

The most profitable areas are usually  ‘how-to’ subject matter, where you teach or demonstrate how to do something.

Learning how to sell information online is an internet business idea most people can consider.

What Are You Passionate About?

The first step is to choose an area where you can provide such a service and add value to your clients by doing it.

Consider what you are most interested in and passionate about : the more you know about a subject, the easier it will be to create a product about it.

You need to research your idea, to see if it is profitable. There isn’t much sense to spend days writing about something that isn’t in demand, or wouldn’t reward you for your efforts.

Choose the right market

You have to find a subject that will work for you and fit with your interests.

There are four big market areas to choose from, that work very well : the key is give benefits to people personal lives :

1. Being healthy.

2. Making more money.

3. Being sexy and finding a partner.

4. Saving time.

Choose something involved in one of these above macro-level areas and you are sure your can work almost without fail.

As already mentioned above, you should focus in building something that will give help to enrich the life of your customers.

Consider that people normally buy based on emotion and justify with logic, so you need to market your product in order to hit the emotional buttons of your readers, focusing on what they really need to know to improve their lives.

And think also that your audience may be is looking for one or more of the big four areas mentioned above : it is very important then to choose the best option for you and the topic that you are expert or interested about.

Einstein writing on a blackboard

Find your audience

The next thing to do is find your audience and below there is a very useful list that will help you how to do it.

  1. First way and more obvious is Google. People search for things they are interested in everyday, millions and millions of queries.
  2. A particular tool and very useful is  Google Trends : here you can find out what the hot topics are between all the searches or what the trend is for a certain search query. Many people, however, don’t even notice that the results for a Google Trend Search include the top Regions and Cities where people are from who are searching for those keywords !
  3. Another tool is Wordtracker : here you can take a free trial. Just type in your keywords and it will tell you how many people are searching for that topic : make a list of your keywords before you start writing and you will save a lot of time.
  4. Also Quantcast is an excellent tool, their tagline is: “It’s your audience. We just find it.” On the homepage, all you have to do is type a website address and it spits out all types of information for you about the people who visited that site, including gender, age, ethnicity, number of children, salary and education. Also, on the right hand side of the page, it tells you other sites that those people also visited, which may help you in more ways than you think (potential advertising areas, partners, etc.).
  5. A good place to go is eBay : here you can click on “eBay Pulse”. It lists the hot trends on eBay every month. Since eBay is a buying/selling marketplace, what’s ‘hot’ there very likely has profit potential (see related article about eBay).
  6. Very popular is Clickbank and here you should explore the “Marketplace” by category. Look at the top selling products on each category. That gives you an idea of what kind of products and market niches have more profit potential (see related article about Clickbank).
  7. Finally, a quick tip to find out more about your target audience using the search tool at Amazon. Make a Search for a book that is related to your topic and read the reviews. People are not afraid to speak their mind on Amazon, and you will learn so much about their wants and needs just from reading these reviews (see related article about Amazon).

But, there are a lot of more ways.

Think about Social Media, for example Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc and related forum or blogs.

Also, go to Google and type in your market’s main search terms and add the word “forum” to the end of it. Once you find interesting ones, sign up for those forums and start participating.

The idea here is to search about your market.

Pick your business model

As a beginner just getting started, with a plan to be an infopreneur and sell information products, the fastest way to get going is to sell existing information products, as an affiliate partner.

You can choose to use not your own platforms (see Squidoo, HubPages or forums – a very popular one is Warrior Forum-, for example) or you can choose to start build your online presence with your own site / blog.

If you feel enthusiast, you could begin by creating your own information product : for example the most popular is the eBook.

But there are a lot of different forms of information products : audio recordings, video tutorials, teleseminars, interviews and many more options.

Pick the format you are most comfortable creating and one that your audience desires. Create your own infoproduct or have someone do it for you.

Now, with your own infoproduct, tailored to the needs of your audience, you are now taking your infopreneur efforts to a higher level and can keep most of your profits from every sale.

My best wishes for your success in the online business !

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