How to Make Money Creating an Online Radio Station

The creation of internet has made easier our life, in many areas and for many reasons.

Think for istance about the discovery of the radio, more than one hundred years ago and with very old tools for us, but back then the only available.

Now, if you love music and if you love to talk, you can create your own online radio station, without big efforts.

What You Need to Create an Online Radio Station

Instead of spending a lot of money in machinery and equipment, now with a computer, an internet connection and few dollars for the monthly streaming cost, you can satisfy your passion of radio, broadcasting globally.

Since the time when the pioneers of the radio were working to develop the system to broadcast, the technology itself has made great steps and right now you may find for free the sophisticated software that will let you start your online radio in very few steps.

These programs are :

– Winamp is a media player, and in your radio will be the director, broadcasting the audio tracks ;

– ShoutCast DSP has the purpose of sending the audio stream produced by Winamp, to the server ;

– Shoutcast Server is the real server, which sends the audio signal on the Internet. It makes the streaming.

With some online radio providers, things are much easier. Read below.

Summing up, this is what you need :

  • an account with a stream host ;
  • a copy of Winamp ;
  • a collection of music converted to mp3 files ;
  • a copy of the Shoutcast DSP plugin for Winamp.
"Radio On Line" words below a blue microphone

Steps To Create an Online Radio Station

Here below the steps involved :

1 – create an account to one of the the internet radio provider (for istance, Live365);

2 – download the radio software (for instance, Live365 let you use the software called “Studio365”, a user-friendly interface that allows mp3s, AAC and wav files. The most important feature is that your files will be uploaded to the Live365 server, so you do not have to set up a separate server for hosting your audio files. The advantage of Live365 is that  they have the right to host copyrighted songs, so you will avoid any legal problems ;

3 – you will need a “Notice of Use of Sound Recordings under Statutory License” with the United States Copyright Office (or get informed on what you need in your country). This will allow you to play songs for a set fee per song.  This new fee will apply to Live365 users as well ;

4 – if you broadcast only your own songs or you want to make your talk show, you will not have to worry about copyright problems ;

5 – purchase a good microphone and with it, you will need a good soundcard in your computer to connect your microphone. You can then use Winamp, Live365 or other program to record your radio program.

See below some useful links about online radio networks, that provide the infrastructure necessary to create a web radio and broadcast your content, even covering the cost of licensing music to reproduce copyrighted material.

One of the main advantages of creating your own radio station online through these networks is the ability to use their streaming technologies.

1 . Live 365

Live365 is a network with over 10,000 online radio stations free listening. As user, you need to pay a fixed amount per month for hosting your mp3 files and use the infrastructure of Live365.

Prices range is from $ 9.95 per month for a basic account, to $ 84.95 a month for those with advanced features. A detailed list of plans is available on the website Live365.

2 . Talkshoe

If you want to skip the music and just start your talking radio, Talkshoe is a great online platform.

Talkshoe allows you to create your own talk show, using a telephone or a VoIP client, and invite listeners to join the broadcast. With the ability to control and moderate your listeners, and with an accompanying text chat threads, Talkshoe has everything you need to send in the comfort of your living room.

Talkshoe is currently free.


Good luck in creating your own online radio and have fun !

4 thoughts on “How to Make Money Creating an Online Radio Station

  1. Hi Erik

    Its a good article explaining how to start an internet radio station. However you titled the article how to make money from a radio station.

    I would throw in a few methods for you:

    1. Offer a donation button on the radio station website
    2. Google adsense whereby you can place ads on the radio station website and earn money from each click when the station becomes popular.
    3. Radio on air advertising. Seek companies willing to pay you to advertise their company on their website. There is a service called stream ads which allows people to bid for how much they will pay to advertise on their radio station.
    4. This last method I would say is ok however it does not work for everyone. I would say it is possible if you have a very unique content to charge people to listen.

    Thats my 3 cents 🙂

    Many thanks


  2. Radio stations make money from running commercials. They get paid when people responds to the commercial. It you notice, if you listen to two different stations, hear the same commercial only difference would be the number or site. This is how the advertiser know which stations to pay. Normally fixed rate. ($5 per call or more) for more info on how you can do this, contact me by gmail at RECORDZSOMAJESTIC ….

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