How to Make Money Selling Watches

Turn your passion of watches into a business !

Making money from watches can be possible both online or offline. You can :

– create a website in which you promote and sell new or used models (you can use also Ebay) or offering assistance to the people who search particular models;

– open a real shop as offline business and you can choose between different categories of watches, as for istance the niche of old or luxury models.

You can even choose to create a business that involves both the above options.

You can make money with several types of watches at several prices depending on what you like and what you can buy.

There are even more ways to sell yours watches :  you can sell them to stores, to other wholesalers or distributors and you can also sell them directly to the end user.

How you decide to start selling watches will depend on your time,  your personality and your investment.

Of course if you want to start selling Rolex watches you will need more than few hundred dollars.

If  your initial investment is not so high, you may choose to sell watches that you can buy for 2 or 3 dollars and resell for higher prices.

You can promote your business at almost zero cost with internet : you can create a website where you list your offers and products, you can also add a section with information and details of watches, writing especially of your favourite ones or you can also think about create a forum for enthusiasts and develop a marketplace where users can buy and sell their watches.

If you reach a good traffic in your site you can also think to charge a subscription to let them access to your services.

Another idea is to offer a service of repair of watches and a good niche can be the luxury watches.

There are a lot of people who can afford to build his own watches collection and there are a lot of enthusiasts around, so you will have many potentials customers.

A beautiful girl wearing a jewel, next to watches

Before thinking about how to sell watches, directly or through any other busy roads, there are several factors you consider.

See below some of the things to consider.

1 . Easiness of Sale

While some websites may facilitate the sale of watches online, you may find in other procedures a bit more complicated.

The same goes if you decide to sell watches directly.

So, before you sell your watch, check out how to make sure it is right for you.

2 . Safety of Sale

Whatever you decide to sell watches for cash, make sure that the method provided is safe.

For example, when you sell watches online, be sure that the website is safe, secure payment options using and also tries to discover who is behind it.

The same way if you decide to build your own site, be sure to set safe payment system, both for you and your clients.

3 . Cost

Do not let charges, costs and various interests may take a big chunk of your profits when you sell your watches.

Be sure to identify exactly what are the costs and sales for your search places that allow you to trade your items.

4 . Help and Support

Whatever you decide to sell your watch, make sure there is someone,  preferably an expert, willing to help and answer any questions.

This is especially true when you sell watches online, when you have as partner a real person on the other end could be very reassuring.

The same way if you build an offline shop, you need to be expert about watches. This is easy if you are passionate about.

5 . Timeliness

In order to sell watches online or directly offline there is no magic formula, but the timing could be crucial.

For example, the brand of your watch may be particularly fashionable at a certain period or, if it provides precious materials, its value may be affected by stock markets (see the gold).

6 . Guaranteed Sale

While some sales methodologies to guarantee the cash sale within a certain period of time, others do no have it.

Keep this fact in mind if this option is one of your priorities when you sell watches online or directly.

In the same way, you need to consider the warranty time that you can offer.


As the others business, you will need patience, perseverance and luck, but if you have success, you will be able to build your watches business !

It is time to work !

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