How to Make Money as Real Estate Agent

As Real Estate Agent you are the intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate.

If you have an innate gift of marketing and if you can interact well with people, you should consider to make money becoming a Real Estate Agent.

You shoul talk with the potential customer to look what are his needs in order to find out his perfect home.

Even if the current real estate market took a downturn, you can still make money finding opportunities and customers in this large market.

In order to become a Real Estate Agent, you must have a high school degree.

After this, you must pass an exam in order to get a license (you should check your country or state laws if you want to be sure what kind of courses or examination you will face).

After the examination, you must be look for an agency.

As Real Estate Agent you will need a pc with internet connection, a cell phone and your own car.

A real estate agent shake hands to a couple married

How to Work as Real Estate Agent

After joining an agency, you will need to know well your city : built-up areas, the most important neighborhoods, commercial or industrial zones, etc.

You may attend open houses, contact other agents and check listings of available homes to study your possibilities.

It is now time to build a list of your potential clients. Start looking in your own address book and then expand your friendships : often the business operates by word of mouth.

The more people you will know, the bigger database you will have for matching people with homes.

As Real Estate Agent you will have to market the home you have to sell, create and put the “For sale” sign, schedule and host open houses to get other real estate agents to notice the home (and refer it to their clients).

You can also create your website in order to list and market your business.

You will need a combination of marketing skills and abitilities talking to your customers, introducing the houses you want to sell.

After some time of experience, you can think about creating  your own Real Estate Agency.

Good luck with Real Estate Business !

11 thoughts on “How to Make Money as Real Estate Agent

  1. This is some really good information about real estate agents. It is good to know that a real estate agent will help market your home. Tha does seem like it would be a tricky thing to do if you don’t have a lot of experience or time to do it. I will have to keep this in mind because I have been thinking about selling my house later this year.

  2. One of the most important parts of becoming a successful real estate agent is networking and selling yourself. You need to know your stuff and be able to guide your clients through the process. The first few transactions might be a bit difficult but that is where a good broker will help.

  3. My little sister is thinking about becoming a real estate agent once she graduates high school. I liked that you pointed out that a good agent will find ways to attract people to the home. That does seem like a good thing to keep in mind when looking for an agent.

  4. Great post. Real estate business is amongst the most rewarding businesses. You have provided really good information and ideas which are useful and people can understand better. Keep sharing…!!!!

  5. Very Interesting article! I believe that building relationships is key to being successful as a real estate agent. The information you have provided is really helpful for the beginners who actually want to make money in RE. Thank you for the Great post and I really liked it.

  6. This is really awesome stuff to get some money as a real estate agent. I live in Dubai and working as a real estate agent since 2013 and have been read a lot of stuff online. But you make my day with just one point “The more people you will know, the bigger database you have” loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My uncle is a real estate agent and he is earning a lot through this business. You should have some knowledge about home available to be purchased, home for lease in your city. You should have information about your potential customer and understand their requirements. Thanks for the information.

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