How to Make Money Online Becoming a SEO Specialist

If you have some experience in the web, with blogging and how to build a site, then you know for sure who is a SEO expert or SEO specialist.

But if you are among those who surf the internet just for fun, probably you do not know anything about this professional.

If you think a bit about this, it is thanks to him that even the most novice internet user can find information online, in fact the SEO specialist is who makes sure that user searches land on a given website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has crucial importance in a website future : even if you have high quality content, if search engines do not list you high in SERPs, you will lose potential organic traffic, that can be a huge part of your site visits.

Internet marketing  (together with SEO) has become very popular in the last ten years and right now there are many new ways for sites to get traffic and get noticed in internet.

Role of the SEO Specialist

SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization – is the word that defines all the activities that are intended to  increase the volume of traffic on a website from search engines.

This result is obtained by optimizing the hypertext structure of the site, its content, its HTML code and its popularity among the web.

The SEO expert is therefore the professional, with solid computer skills and thorough knowledge of the internet, that makes sure that a website get high rankings in the result pages of search engines and, accordingly, that is  among the most clicked by users, with all the consequences of its online popularity.

Not also the SEO basic concepts, you have to learn a lot of other things, if you want to become a SEO specialist.

Become a SEO Expert : Which Studies?

The complexity of this role often means that some SEO professionals have a greater specialization in one area and others in a different one.

Depending on your inclination and interests you can then decide to get a degree in Computer Science or Communication in Science and then do a postgraduate course ad hoc.

Again, the proposed training is varied: from private schools, agencies that make SEO, online tutorials from bloggers industry experts.

Personal and Technical Skills

Which requirements must have a good SEO expert?

Is is essential to be curious, passionate about this work and willing to sacrifice. You should also not miss to developed intuitive abilities and you must have a love to work with people in a calm and constructive way.

From a technical point of view, however, you need to have skills in CSS, php scripts and a good familiarity with the internet.

You should also know about Online Marketing,  search engines and their logical and link building methods.


How to Start and Work Opportunities

To begin working as SEO Specialist, a good idea is to create your website or blog to experiment the techniques that you have learned during your studies.

After, or together, with this activity you can try to send your application to some SEO agencies and companies, presenting yourself as an intern. The experience in an ever changing environment of SEO : a step that is absolutely essential.

Once you have gained experience, the roads of the SEO specialist are two : the job in a SEO company or start with your own business.

Given the increasing weight of internet communication, advertising and, more generally, the economy, the prospects of employment (at least for the moment) seem rather good.

If you want to open your own activity, then you should build your portfolio and show it in your website.

To get more clients, use your internet marketing skills : get traffic to your site, use Pay-Per-Click network, as Google Adwords, join freelance websites, forums and any other good source of focused traffic that you can imagine.

Once you get your first client and you work for him, make sure to have a nice review of your services. Then report it on your website, updating your portfolio and taking advantage of it when closing a new deal with new customers.


The more talent and experience you have, the more you will be paid for your work.

Good luck in becoming a SEO Specialist !

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  1. Personally as I think it is better to optimize keywords rather than individual words, as people tend to specify their research to help “Melbourne personalized web” rather than merely “web designers”.

  2. Every private company I have very clear how important it is to have websites at the top of google and other search engines, but unfortunately can not understand how much work there is behind a SEO specialist and commitment that is necessary for the web sites are positioned in the first results in serp on search engines.

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