How to Make Money Online with WordPress

Blogging for money has become very popular in these years and especially more and more people everyday choose blogs for their businesses.

Blogs can help you to connect with your customers, make some advertising without investing a lot of money and publish information about your products and services.

The most popular choices if you want to create a blog and making money with it are basically two : Blogger and WordPress.


Blogger is a free service offered by Google : it is a simple and very intuitive platform to use and you will be able to fast set up a blog.

Blogger also integrates well with the full line of Google applications : you can insert your blog link to your Google Chrome page, add it to your bloglines feed and find all sorts of add ons and widgets that help Blogger to run better.

In addition, Google allows you to purchase your own domain name when available for 10 dollars per year.

This is certainly more professional-looking than if you have a “” and this is an automatic choice for most business bloggers.

Unfortunately you do not have a lot of control on your blog and you will find soon the limits of Blogger.

The reason is simple : Google has the property of Blogger, so it may happens that in future the blog will be no longer yours  and as a result of your hard work, this is not a good news.

Wordpress logo


So for most of the bloggers WordPress is better as solution if you want to blog seriously.

WordPress is in constat develop and update, the code used is not heavy and you will find a huge number of plugins, add-ons and widgets that can help you to personalize your WordPress blog with almost anything you desire.

There are really a multitude of templates available in order to satisfy your dream : have exactly the blog looks as you want to.

WordPress offers a free hosting service (, but if you want a permanent solution for your blog, you should choose to host the blog on your own server or in one of the company that offers web hosting and create your blog with the free software that you can download from .

At beginning it can be a bit complicated if you do not have the appropriate skills, but there are a lot of guides, forums and also videos tutorials that can help you step by step from zero to your first post on your WordPress blog self hosted.

You can find a free detailed and very comprehensive guide trough videos tutorials at .

A huge web community suggest the popular web host company “HostGator“, and there are a lot of options for host your blogs.

At beginning and if you want it easy, choose Blogger from Google.

Even if it is a bit more complicated, but with more control, flexibility, professionalism and potentiality, then you have to work with WordPress.

And day by day blogging, you can keep learning and improve your skills.

Success will arrive, but you need to put passion and constant work in your blog.


Have fun blogging and making money online with WordPress !


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