How to Make Money Online with Transcription Services

The transcription service is a process of written form of spoken words, that means basically a written or printed representation of something like speech and it can be a sound or television recording : these are fast services and in executive level that are reliable to users.

You can definetely make money online offering transcription services : it may happens that you are in that time in your life when you consider changing career and instead of looking for a similar employment experience, you can be between the ones that are considering to work at home.

A lot of work at home jobs, including offering transcription services, allow you as typist to work as many or as few hours as you desire : you will have completely control over the daily schedule and this allows more time for personal responsibilities and family activities.

Of course, like any other job, the capacity to earn is based on the amount of time that you put into doing home based transcription jobs and a full time day is needed to earn enough money to live, but if you think it can be suitable, you may think to do it as a secondary income, in order to realize a decent salary from continuous part-time work.

What you need

As start, you should be prepared to apply for positions and meet all expectations and in order to get hired, you will need to have a computer with internet access as well as a working e-mail address.

You will also need speakers or headphones on your computer, so you can hear each audio recording clearly and of course, you must have a fine detail for accuracy too.

It is so important to be careful and make sure that every word is dictated properly : otherwise, the message which is being transcribed may lose the sense or meaning.

There is no big investment required for starting transcription business from home : this is the best way to make money and it is also totally home based business.

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How it works

Home based transcription jobs are usually performed using audio recordings that may include telephone conversations, lectures, monologues, conference calls and interviews. Each company has their own reason for transcription. Nevertheless, these jobs are usually performed to maintain and record facts for accuracy.

Transcription services are in a highly competitive industry, as this is fundamentally work which anyone can do. To succeed, you need to offer an incredibly high degree of accuracy and also a very fast turnaround time.

Consider expanding your job search to include virtual assistant jobs : this include not only transcription services, but also data entry, email management and other administrative assistant support tasks.

Useful Transcription Services Resources

American High-Tech Transcription, Inc. : outsources work to independent contractors who may live anywhere in the U.S.  Must have previous experience and excellent English skills. Check the website for current openings.

AVTranz : formerly A/V Tronics. AVTranz specializes in reporting and transcription of state and federal court proceedings. Always looking for experienced transcribers. Check website for current job openings.

Cambridge Transcriptions : constantly looking for intelligent and capable people to join their staff. Requirements include a strong grasp of English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. See the website for more information about working for this company.

Caset Associates : transcribers prepare verbatim transcripts from MP3 audio files made by Caset reporters. With high speed Internet you may accept assignments where you live, anywhere in the world. Typing speed of 80 wpm. See website for further information.

CyberDictate : Cyber Dictate is continually recruiting US-based transcriptionists. Minimum requirements include a typing speed of 65 wpm and at least 2 years of recent word processing or transcripton experience. Check the website for further requirements and information.

eTranscription Solutions : requirements include a typing speed of no less than 80 wpm., experience in transcribing multiple voices, experience transcribing focus groups, high degree of accuracy, and excellent punctuation skills. Must have prior experience. Serious inquiries only.

Fantastic Transcripts : interested in hearing from transcribers with a background in business, finance, high-tech, legal, and medical. Also interested in hearing from people who can transcribe in a foreign language and those who can also translate transcriptions. See website to check for current openings.

Morningside Partners : experienced transcribers sought for at-home financial transcription. Also seeking qualified applicants to produce verbatim transcripts for media clients. Visit the website for further details.

Net Transcripts : Word Processors required to transcribe audio content of various conferences, seminars, and meetings. Must type 80+ wpm, have excellent grammar and proofreading skills and have experience with MS Word and Excel.

Production Transcripts : Transcribers must be highly proficient and experienced. Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired. There is a test prior to employment. See the website for online application.

Talk2Type Transcriptions : must type 75+wpm, have a working computer, be computer literate, have a reliable e-mail account, a full-size cassette transcription machine, be extremely alert with a fine attention to detail and accuracy, be responsible and capable of never missing a tight deadline.

Tigerfish : if you are a quick typist with a good ear for language and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a way to earn money while working at home. See the website for further information and to get started.

Transcription 2000 : currently hiring independent contractor transcriptionists. Must have Minimum 5 years experience, DSL and/or Cable connection, and own your own equipment. See the website for online application.

Way With Words : international transcription firm Way With Words has an ongoing requirement for home-based transcribers with an excellent standard of English. Way With Words maintains a network of home-based transcribers (independent contractors) spread across various countries. See the website for more information

Good luck !

2 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online with Transcription Services

  1. Yes, all that you’ve written about transcription is true. I’ve been able to enjoy a healthy side income with my freelance transcription service.

    Now, it has come to a point where I’m thinking about going fulltime or not!!

    It can be a fulltime business.

    1. Hi Carey,
      with passion and hard work your freelance job can become a real solid income.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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