How to Make Money Selling Your Body Parts

If you are in desperate need of money, you can think about selling some parts of your body for cash.

Of course you need to be in good condition, if you want to be able to sell your body parts : a non-smoker, with correct weight and with some others health characteristics.

There are many others ways to make money with your body, like taking part to medical trials, for example.

In a world without rules, you could sell your organs for a huge quantity of money, but in most all countries in the globe this is illigal and forbidden.

There are still few places in the world that will allow you to sell an organ, but you should be prepared to the possibility of not survive to the operation.

The allowed parts of your body that you can sell in many countries are plasma, hair and may be sperma, eggs or breast milk.

How Selling Your Body Parts Works

You can sell plasma for money and in United States, for istance, you may make something between $30 to $80 per week.

If you can donate blood, you are probably an appropriate candidate for selling plasma : you must be healthy and without any disease.

Or another part that you can sell is your hair, if you have a lot.

A nice girl cutting her hair

Hair must have a minimun lenght and without any strange color. You will not earn huge money, it can be something between $10-15 per ounce and you will need at least ten inches to be able to sell it, in most cases.

With all the bald people in the world, or women who want estensions, long hair is a precious item !

In this matter, you can check around the web, to find any site that trade hair. For istance there is BuyandSellHair, that has a market for those looking to sell or buy hair.

It is usually recommended that you get paid first and then cut your hair when you received the money.

You could also try to auction your hair on eBay or post a classified ad on Craigslist.

If you are a man, you can think about selling your sperm to banks specialized and make something between $500 to $1,000 per month.

The difficult part is that there are some hard admission test and very few men qualify : you have to be in perfect health, young, with a correct weight, attractive and intelligent.

If this is not enough, you need to have a strong sperm that travel faster than the normal and you have to produce an average of twice the normal amount of sperm.

If you are female, you can think about selling your eggs.

Since the procedure is more invasive than donating sperm, women usually make more money per donation, until few thousands dollars (I have read until $10,000 !).

Of course the process and operation is not so completely safe : there are hormone injections and the eggs are harvested under anesthesia.

Just like with men, women that donate must be young, attractive and with good shape.

The last opportunity to sell body parts is sell breast milk. There are some woman that have abundance of it, but you must inform yourself in your country if it is allowed.

Sell your body parts is not so completely strange, think about the people around the world that made huge money with crazy ideas !

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