Make Real Money Using Online Marketing and Advertising

Dollar banknotes sorting out from a laptop screen

Making money online is a realistic opportunity. There are wide varieties of options to make money online.

The only thing you need to do is to research and identify your key skills. Study the present market. Know which is the best field to make more in online.

For example, if you have good marketing skills, affiliate marketing is the right option for you.

Explore your skills and be an expert in the selected field. You need to develop a positive attitude and patience to attain success.
Here are few tips to earn extra money online.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money in online in which you need to promote others’ products through your website.

You should choose the best approach to market merchant’s products. You don’t need to invest money to promote your products because there are many free online advertising methods which can attract customers.

If you make good deals, product owners can give as much as 75% commission on every product.


– Identify which products can be sold quickly
– Know how to attract customers
– Know the basics of niche marketing
– Reward potential customers.


This is another best method to consider. Blogging is the best platform which helps you to share views and ideas.

Website owners look for bloggers who can write effective content for their site. You may get paid based on your writing skills.


– Identify most popular blogs and share your content
– Engage users in your blog
– Build relationship with them
– Listen to their issues and provide a solution.

Dollar banknotes sorting out from a laptop screen

Paid advertisements

Business start-ups want to boost their website visibility and traffic. Paid advertisement is an effective way to do so.


– Decide a specific amount for each click
– Whenever users click on the link it gets redirected to your website
– Identify the top ways to enhance your site visibility
– Build trust in your customers.

Email marketing

This is one of the popular marketing techniques. Here, you need to promote upcoming products or services to customers through emails.

Email promoting is an ideal way to identify the product status in the market.


– Identify your potential customers
– Analyse active customers and promote your products
– Send mails to target customers who show interest in your products and services
– Be thankful to customers.


Content marketing

Before purchasing any products, customers may look for the content.

It is the content which describes about your products or services, its functionalities, features etc.


– Write a unique content which attracts users
– Make sure to insert pictures in your content
– Write an eye catchy title which drags user attention
– Highlight the most important points.



Customers who are not interested to read data may look for videos.

Promote your videos through YouTube, which is the popular social site.


– Create an attractive videos of your products or services
– Share your videos on social sites like Facebook
– This attracts new customers to the business.


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    1. I tell myself to start recording videos on “How to” guides and publish them on YouTube, but I always procrastinate… 😉

  1. Hi Maria,

    Great article. Helping others always sets yourself for success.
    I think If you have something of value and you present it well,
    then building yourself an email/ subscribers list will set anyone
    on their way.



  2. I am happy to come across this.I learn and gain a lot most especially how to make money online with affiliate marketing and giving are most useful.Thanks.

  3. Hello..
    Nice post Maria..Ya online advertising and marketing has become a new field of business. There are lots off opportunities to earn good bucks.The one I choose is Blogging. Latterly I think will about affiliate marketing.

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