How to Secure an Online Micro Job and Make Money Online Right Now

A man happy with money in front of a laptop

There are plenty of online companies that offer online jobs to people who have a skill that they can offer.

Employers from these companies will look for a specific skill that they are looking for and if you have that skill, you can then offer to sell your services for a price.

Sounds like a straightforward process but it is not as simple as it seems. Since an increased number of these companies are appearing online, it just means that job seekers and employers have mushroomed up in size to keep with the supply and demand.

A number of gigs or jobs are up for grabs which you compete with thousands of other people to secure it.

How do you present yourself to prospective clients online and secure the job?

Here is a simple guideline.


Assess yourself

What are your skills you are good at?

If you love to write, then you can be an article writer; if you like designing then you can go for graphic design.

There are plenty of online jobs out there you can choose from. But remember to choose one that you know you can be good at and be able to deliver.

Are you the person that can offer an online micro job?


Know what you want and also your limitations

You have to know what you are looking for in an online job.

If you can only perform as a part time worker, then of course you should not apply for a job that requires you to be full time.

Or if you want a short term work like doing a job only for a day or if you look for structure while working, look for an online company that factor in these conditions.


Choose a legitimate online company and one that will suit you

You have to be careful in joining an online company. There are illegal ones out there so be careful.

Research and choose a company that has been going strong for a time and have positive feedback from other contractors.

Also, choose a company that can help sell your skills. For example, if you are a more creative person and loves to make a video, join Fourerr as they cater to the more creative people.


Make a convincing portfolio

Once you join an online company, you are given an account where you can write a portfolio to attract prospective clients.

Make sure that you complete the portfolio well. Write down a good paragraph with words that best describes you.

Some companies like Elance, have an option to verify your credentials, like being a college graduate, which requires a $4 fee. If you are properly verified, it shows prospective client that you are legitimate.

A man happy with money in front of a laptop

Upload previous work

If you have samples of your work like essays or blog making, then post them in your portfolio. If you do not have one, then make something up.

Having some sample will increase your chance to be hired as employers can gauge your skills level or if you are right for their job.


Image is important

Post a good and clear picture of yourself in business attire. Make sure that you look clean and attractive in the photo.

Prospective clients would not want to hire somebody looking like a punk kid.

Image is important as clients will decide to trust you because of first impression.


Hunt prospective clients

Not all clients can view your profile. You must actively seek them in the suggestion box.

If a client is looking for a skill that you are good at, immediately place a bid to get the job.


Tailor your application cover letter with every job

If you have found a job that you would like to do, sometimes you have to make an application letter to convince the client to hire you.

Be convincing and state that you have the skills they are looking for based on the job description. Do not merely pass your usual application cover from your profile.

Make sure it is grammatically correct and spelled correctly.


Price your services right

As a beginner, you must start with more affordable pricing for your services to attract more clients.

You must not sell yourself cheap though as the client might think that you produce sub standard work.

You will also come across as desperate.


Go for the extra mile

You have to be able to satisfy your client’s expectation of you. You must over-deliver to impress your clients.

Constantly communicate with them regarding the job that you are doing for them. Always be courteous with your clients even if they are hard to please.

And ask for feedback from them so that you will improve yourself for future clients.

These are just some of the things to follow to be able to land a job online.

Some reputable online companies that you can visit are Fourerr, Fiverr, Odesk, Elance and many more.

Do your research and go for jobs you know you can be good at. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “How to Secure an Online Micro Job and Make Money Online Right Now

  1. Oh yes! point #1 is the key. Sometimes we don’t know what to offer. It’s good to first identify ones skills and polish them. There is always a market for every skill.

    BTW, better design for Different from how I knew it to be 😉

    1. Yes, Miiockm.
      I think it is because there is a lot of offers and little demand.
      Many people are willing to do certain jobs, getting paid little.
      You can not compete with those prices!

  2. Hi Erik!

    ‘Go the extra mile’ is a great piece of advice. I use outsourcers frequently and I always go back to the ones who ‘go the extra mile’.

    Overdelivery is an unexpected delight for clients that definitely builds loyalty.

    1. Giving “something” that differentiate yourself form your competence is the pitch to have customers coming back. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment, Stephen!

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