Marketing Methods Everybody is Using in 2015

Marketing changes all the time. The methods that are used change, and if they don’t change they adapt.

If you want to know which marketing methods are the most popular in 2015, take a look at 6 of them here:


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular every single day. More people are beginning to use their mobiles for everything these days; social media browsing, emailing, and even buying.

If you’re not focusing on mobile marketing as a whole, you’re definitely missing out. It’s worth having a special mobile site built, and in some cases even an app.

Make sure you utilise the power of mobile by coming up with a strong mobile marketing strategy. Some people don’t even use computers at all now and use their mobiles exclusively.


Social Media

Social media is a brilliant marketing tool, and one of the best things about it is that it can be free if you want it to be! You can build social profiles where you know you’ll find your audience, post quality content, and build up a bigger following.

The more interesting the things you post, the more shares and exposure you’ll get as a result. Social media is so powerful, because almost everybody is using it. You can even use adverts on social media and other techniques to market your business.

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Targeting Mailing Lists

Buying a mailing list allows you to market to people who are ‘qualified’. This means that they have previously shown an interest in what it is your business offers.

For instance, timeshare owner leads can be purchased if your business is in that industry – but you can find leads on just about anything.



Content marketing is getting bigger too – the majority of marketers in 2015 will tell you that content is king. You just can’t beat writing high quality, relevant, interesting content.

This content shouldn’t always promote your business; it should help your clients in some way by giving them free tips or advice. Blogging is a method used by businesses of all sizes!



Transparency is actually a really powerful tool. Many companies come up with a ‘story’ that they feel will interest their customers, but most people are more interested in companies who are transparent these days. Allow customers to get to know the real you.



Video marketing is becoming just as popular as content and blogging. You can post up video tutorials, tips, and reviews to show off your product/services.

Not only that, you can allow customers to get a look at your personalities and the culture of your company. This shows transparency, as mentioned before.


Start using these marketing methods and you’ll stay ahead of your competitors. The worst thing you can do is fall behind – your clients will notice, and they might even choose to work with somebody more up to date.

Do you want to risk it? Which of these methods have worked for you?

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