MilesWeb Hosting Review – Best Magento Hosting Provider in India

Whether you want to build an online shopping website or ecommerce websites or simply expand your business online, ecommerce hosting is what you need. The myriad functionalities and initiatives of ecommerce hosting are provided by several web hosting companies but the best ecommerce hosting provider in India is MilesWeb. The Magento hosting services of MilesWeb are outstanding because of its brilliant features, flexibility and variety of options. Some must have features of ecommerce hosting services include free SSL, shopping cart software, database support, email support, security systems, payment processing services and advanced ecommerce software. Magento hosting excels in all the features and offers much more.


Who is a web host?

Web hosting services allow individuals or companies to host their website on a platform that is accessible on the World Wide Web. The companies which offer web hosting services are called web hosts because they are the ones who provide space on a server which is owned or leased so that the clients can use it to make their website accessible by all. MilesWeb is one of these highly-renowned web hosting companies in India which offers excellent hosting packages.


What is ecommerce hosting?

E-commerce portals are websites which caters to every need of any company or individual to sell their products and services on the internet. An ecommerce portal is build on the web building platform Magento and for creating an ecommerce portal on Magento the very basis requisite is to take ecommerce hosting services from a reliable company.  In other words, E-commerce hosting services from a good web host would provide you with all the ecommerce functionality, a web server, email support, web design, and technical support. If you are looking for an ecommerce hosting service then, it is mandatory to ensure whether it is inclusive of all the required features or not. MilesWeb is a company that offers the best Magento hosting in India and this is among the most popular services offered by them. MilesWeb offers several Magento hosting packages from which you can choose one according to your need and budget.


The Magento hosting packages

MilesWeb is the hot favorite of web developers and entrepreneurs because of several reasons, one of them is the variety of packages they offer. There are three types of packages and their specifications are listed below.

  1. Economy Package– This package costs the least of all, being priced at only $1.67/mo. It provides 1024 MB SSD Space with unlimited bandwidth. This one year package has a website builder with 2 MySQL DB’s and supports 10 email accounts. It also comes with a free SSL certificate and is aided by Softaculous.
  2. Value Package– This package has a term of 3 years and it costs just $3.50/mo. It hosts one domain and provides unlimited SSD Space with unlimited bandwidth. It comes with a free SSL Certificate and offers unlimited MySQL databases. You can create unlimited number of email accounts. It also comes with free SpamExperts.
  3. Unlimited Package– This is the most widely used package which comes only at $6/mo. It offers unlimited SSD Space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and unlimited database of MySQL. It is a website builder and has free SpamExperts.


The exclusive features of Magento Hosting

MilesWeb is well-known for its Magento hosting services because of the excellent benefits that are offered. To make your ecommerce experience smooth, it is equipped with several features for which Magento stands out. To mention a few, it offers:

  • Superfast speed- The robust servers have the maximum speed and are reliable. You will never be disappointed with the load times. The built-in caching boosts the speed even more.
  • Managed Magento Hosting- With managed Magento hosting it caters to the specific hardware and software that you need to run your website or application and this is one of the efficient features offered.
  • Unquestionable security- With a tight security, you can be rest assured that no malware will enter your website. Hackers and malware are prevented from hacking your website with periodic security scans and advanced security systems.
  • Customization options- Magento comes with amazing add-ons with which you can customize your website’s templates, plugins and themes. It offers free CMS. If you are worried about how to integrate these options, their support team will help you.
  • Skilled and reliable support- Customer service is the top priority of MilesWeb. Highly trained professionals are always ready to assist you with general or specific queries whether it’s related to ecommerce or web hosting services. You will not be kept on hold for more than a minute before someone assists you.
  • Latest update automation- Magento is updated with the latest updates. With the help of MySQL and PHP, the performance is enhanced and the changes are implemented automatically.

Why choose Milesweb for Magento hosting?

You may be wondering what sets apart MilesWeb Magento hosting services from the other companies. There are concrete reasons to support Magento. Read the following to know why you should choose MilesWeb without second thoughts:

  • Excellent IT infrastructure– The extensive features of Magento makes it the most efficient ecommerce hosting platform.
  • Fast and efficient– Magento is very swift and efficient is its functioning.
  • Free installation– You can install Magento and get access to its wonderful features absolutely for free. Moreover, you can install it as many times as you want.
  • Free migration– If you want to change your Magento host, you can migrate your data for free. From removing bugs, to migrating data, they take care of the entire procedure.
  • 24×7 customer support– The Magento support team takes care of every doubt that you will face. They will keep you updated with the latest plugins, suggestions and upgrades.

Besides being economically friendly, MilesWeb’s Magento hosting or ecommerce hosting services are the best, as is evident from its infrastructure and functionalities. No other company’s benefits can match up with what MilesWeb has to offer. So, make the wise choice and go for MilesWeb’s Magento hosting packages to create your own ecommerce portal!


2 thoughts on “MilesWeb Hosting Review – Best Magento Hosting Provider in India

  1. Magneto is not very well known CMS in India, and many of the clients I have seen prefer to go with WordPress.

    Thanks for the review, it is helpful.

  2. Have you used Cloudways for hosting a Magento based website? It has really awesome performance and a plethora of features. Using this platform, it is easy to host Magento on infrastructures or VPS even if you don’t have technical skills or knowledge.

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