The 5 Most Expensive Home Improvements

Whether you’ve just bought a new home and are looking to make a few changes, are hoping to increase its value in preparation to sell or merely desire a change of scenery, making home improvements can be a costly business.

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Adding an Extension

An extension provides more space which can be used for a range of purposes such as an extended kitchen, extra living space or a children’s play room and could potentially add value to your home.

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Renovating the Garage

Adding a garage is similar to an extension as it provides more room which is useful, and security for storing your vehicle(s).

If you already have a garage, it can be converted into a studio, gym or other functional room.

The cost will depend on its size, whether it’s detached or not and if there’s a door into your house.


Remodelling a Kitchen or Bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen are the first rooms new owners look to renovate and doing it for them could make your property more attractive.

The cost will depend on its size and how much work requires undertaking, focusing on necessities for personal use or everything for those hoping to sell.


Having a Garden Makeover

Cutting the grass and trimming a few plants is fairly cheap but installing decking and a patio or veranda can soon see costs shoot up.

The front garden is the first thing guests will see so taking care of it is essential.

Enlisting the help of professionals is a good idea but will also add to the cost, though if you have limited spare time then you may well need to take this route.


If you are thinking about a large scale project, then be sure to factor in any planning permission that may be required.

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