4 Tips to Moving Your Business Office

Whether you are looking to open a new business or franchise (find new ideas here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/franchises/dickeysbarbecuepit/294377) or change location, there are many aspects to take care about: documents, archives, workstations. If you then add the change of intended use and also all the electronic devices to be packed, these 4 tips will help you to not going crazy during the moving of your business office.


1. Prepare the new office before starting the move

Before deciding when and how to move, my advice is to prepare the new office before the actual move, so that it is ready to welcome you to the fullest.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to have a clear understanding of the new layout of the furnishings and workstations, the rooms used for archiving documents, those for meetings and waiting areas, as well as the spaces dedicated to welcoming customers and visitors.

Likewise, I recommend that you define immediately, where and how to organize the leisure areas of employees, such as refreshment points, drinks and food distributors, or the simple coffee machine and microwave for the lunch break.

Secondly, for each of these spaces, you must already imagine the furniture and the layout of the furniture, taking the measurements and the overall dimensions. This operation is very important because it allows you to understand what you need to keep current furniture and what you need to change or buy new.

In addition, you must understand whether the original electrical system of the new site has an arrangement suited to your needs or if, before the office move, needs some changes, such as the creation of new points for power supply, or the installation of special security measures.


2. The utilities change

At the time of moving your business, the new office will have to be fully operational (i.e. having all the utilities operating and working). Gas, electricity, water, ADSL and telephone lines, must be already active and working, so that, when employees arrive, all you have to do is attach the phone and the computer plug to resume your activity.

Here’s what you need to do.

You must contact the respective service companies in your area, and sign a new service contract (or simply update the old one, depending on each case).

Moreover, every service has his own modalities and I advise you, therefore, to ask your agent or manager to ask for confirmation of all the steps provided by your contract, before finding yourself in the new office without telephone, ADSL or even water or electricity


3. The choice of the moving company

There are many cases in which the do-it-yourself move is not convenient, so the choice of the moving company is fundamental.

Some of these examples can be:

  • the haste: if you decide to rely on a company removals you will save precious days compared to removals where you risk losing entire days;
  • high value of furniture or translocated material: if you have not practice in disassembling, assembling and transporting furniture or material, it is very easy for you to damage it. The movers are professionals in this sense, they know all the tricks for disassembly, transport and assembly, use external elevators to transport everything without damage and have an insurance policy that covers any damage to the material, people or buildings;
  • large amount of furniture: the moving companies, thanks to their experience, take little time to dismantle and assemble the furniture even if their number is high;
  • difficult access from the stairs: if there is no elevator, it is easy that if you operate alone you will end up damaging both the stairs and the furniture, without counting the effort of transporting all the furniture by hand;
  • long distance removals: even in this case the moving companies are very skilled. In fact they are equipped with large trucks that allow you to carry out transport in a single solution, saving you the stress of having to make endless trips if you wanted to operate alone, especially if it is an international move.

So, if you decide to entrust your company move to a professional firm, you will not have to think about anything, and you can only dedicate yourself to packing.

There are many moving companies in florida, or in your area, just make your choice!


4. Set the day of the move

It seems a banality, but fixing the day of the move is not always easy.

To do this, you have to calculate and evaluate some very important elements such as, for example, the possibility that your activity will stop for a certain period. If it is not a problem for you, once you have organized the packaging activities and contacted the moving company, you just have to choose the day that seems best suited to you.

A smart choice is not to take away precious days from your work. You could choose a Friday, for example. In this way, the moving company can also take advantage of the days of Saturday and Sunday to organize the new premises.

If, however, your business can not afford even one day off, then you will need more organization, setting the move during the night time or during the day of closure of your business.


With these tips, you will be able to move your business office effectively!

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