10 Rules for Ultimate Success

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You admire the societal contributions, worldwide fame and extreme wealth of the highly successful, such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Bob Parsons. They must be made of a different cloth to achieve so much.

Yet, close examination of their lives reveals that they’re ordinary people with extraordinary drive and the discipline to stick to a common set of rules.

Here are ten guidelines that many high achievers use.


1. Get out of your comfort zone

You only learn and achieve by taking risks.

Doing the same thing over and over again to produce an unsuccessful result gains nothing.

To get the greatest rewards, put yourself on the front lines of what’s uncomfortable.


2. Don’t give up

The world is full of talented people who gave up because of rejection or lack of self-confidence.

Hard work and persistence can make up for lack of ability.

If it was easy, then everyone would do it.


3. Take things one day at a time

Realize that anything difficult eventually ends.

Look at just getting through the day and you can break that long-term problem into more manageable daily issues.


4. Always move forward

Always look for ways to improve yourself and do something new.

The Japanese use the word kaizen which roughly translates to small improvements eventually leading to big advantages.

Success button on keyboard


5. Manage everything

Keep a constant check on every aspect of your life.

You’ll not only discover unseen problems but can prevent smaller issues from becoming insurmountable difficulties.


6. Don’t let anyone push you around

You have every right to be where you are.

Don’t let anyone suggest that you don’t either because of their birth or because they got a head start.

Pay attention to laws and standards because they exist to ensure a level playing field.


7. Realize that life is unfair

You’re not entitled to anything but must play with cards in the hand that you’re dealt.

Depend on yourself and make your own luck.


8. Find your own solutions

If you depend on someone else to solve your problems, you’ll always be waiting in the wings for others to come up with something better.

Learn to create your own solutions and you’ll be ahead of the pack.


9. Lighten up

Despite all your efforts, a lot of what happens to you depends on luck.

Don’t take yourself too seriously because you can’t control everything.


10. Smile

A smile makes you and others feel better instantly so make use of it often.

As bad as things seem, others have it worse, so feel fortunate to be living whatever life you’re living.

Life is too short to live with a dour face.


None of these rules apply only to finances.

It seems that achievement in one area affects all others.

Try these guidelines out and discover how your life can improve.

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