5 Tips for Saving Money on Electronic Parts

Electronic parts aren’t always the most affordable things in the world. In fact, they can be downright expensive if you don’t know how to bargain.

Here are just a few ways to lower those costs and enjoy better deals on electronic parts.


1. Buy Used

How important is it that you have brand-new parts?

Because if you only want them for their shiny packages or because they’re untouched by others, it’s time to get over your preconceptions and buy used.

They’re the exact same parts for only a fraction of the price, and in some cases, buying used can also be an assurance that the product actually works.

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2. Email the Manufacturers

If you do require new parts, however, for something like a custom-made project, email the manufacturers and ask about a discount.

You’d be surprised by how many companies are willing to send coupons or checkout codes to interested customers. They want your business and are willing to lose a few bucks in order to obtain it.


3. Shop at the Right Time

Holidays are great times to browse new products because everything is on sale. You might also be able to put expensive items into a layaway program so you won’t lose out even if you don’t have the funds to make a full purchase right away.

The next time you feel like shopping for electronic parts, check the calendar first.


4. Auction, Trade or Barter

Buying and selling are only two ways that commerce works. If you’d like to try something a little different, go on an electronic parts forum and ask if anyone would like to trade or barter for your goods.

Not only will you make money off your unused parts, but someone might have the tech you’ve been looking for, too.


5. Buy in Bulk

If you already know that you need 20+ wires to make your machine work, there’s no sense in buying them individually.

Purchase them in bulk so that you can take advantage of special bulk pricing. If no such price exists, reach out to the retailer and ask if they’d be willing to make a deal with you.


Whether you’re buying hybrid couplers or semiconductor parts, it’s important to save as much money as you can.

You’ll want those funds to go towards the rest of your project!

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