Why Serviced Offices are Cheaper to Rent

Business Is Great. Cheerful Corporate Woman

If you are one of those cost sensitive businesses, then you might have encountered advertisements such as cheap office Hong Kong or cheap serviced offices Kowloon.

This is why serviced offices with cheap rates are becoming popular not only with new businessmen, but also with frequently travelling executives.

Below are the reasons why serviced offices are becoming popular and how they can make working environment a better place to work in.


Prime Location

Prime location with prestigious address is logically cheaper if one opts for temporary office instead of a building.

One of the most pressing problems when thinking about purchasing an ideal office space is that excellent locations are usually already taken and if you find a site that is to your liking because it is not expensive, chances are that the location is tarnished with negative reputation.

With instant offices, you can choose the best location coupled with a prestigious address that will give business the integrity it needs to generate clients and customers.


Shared Offices

Shared offices and other types of serviced offices are indeed cheaper as one does not need to buy different types and kinds of office tools and equipments.

These offices are already furnished with everything you need or you can simply pay service charges each time you need additional items.

The problem with owning an office is that expenses do not stop after you’ve built it.

The cost of maintaining an office continues such as paying for Internet service provider and buying fax machines, photocopiers, shredders, telephones, scanners, projectors, tables, chairs, and everything else you believe is necessary.

Business Is Great. Cheerful Corporate Woman

Instant contract and instant exit

When you own an office and you decided not to renew the contract, you now have the problem of disposing it to recover investments; and it takes time to accomplish this.

If you want convenience in terms of gaining an office instantly and terminating the contract immediately, serviced offices are your solutions.

You won’t have any problem of securing a lease as there are quite a number of offices for rents not only in Hong Kong but in other parts of the world should you decide to expand operations.


Instant assistants

Not only will you have access and use several office equipments, tools, and solutions, you can even hire a personal assistant to help you monitor your calls, mails, and track the whereabouts of your clients and customers.

You can include in your lease contract an office receptionist to answer calls on your behalf, schedule meetings and appointments, relay messages, and check emails.

As a result, your clients and customers will be impressed that you are always on schedule.
If you consider all the options of renting a serviced office than to rent one from scratch, it is likely that serviced offices are a lot cheaper considering you wouldn’t need to purchase any office supplies or have to worry about maintenance and interior designing.

Everything is more or less completed for you to start your business.

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  1. A serviced workplace is supplied and controlled by using a facility control employer that rents person offices to different companies. In contrast to a conventional workplace area, a serviced office is provided with paintings desks, furnishings, garage cabinets, smartphone systems, internet connection and from time to time even computers. Tenants need to share common centers like printers, fax machines, kitchen centers, board rooms and different common centers.

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