Take Your Business To The Next Level With Infrared Inspection Services

Thermal Image of Heat Leak thru Windows

Infrared inspection services offer a new revenue source for traditional home inspectors. These high-tech home inspections are quickly becoming a popular resource for high-end investors and home buyers. These clients often require more information than included on the average home inspection as they commonly purchase larger properties with more demands.

Infrared home inspections can report on issues such as moisture, pests, and energy conservation, making them of great value to the buyer. Infrared home inspections, like traditional inspections, are performed room by room. They document everything from ceilings and walls to floors. The scope of an infrared inspection includes energy surveys, moisture surveys, leak detection, and wood destroying organism reporting.

When combined with a traditional home inspection, the infrared home inspection offers a new product to consumers. This is great news for home inspectors. The average price of a home inspection is between $250-300. However, with the addition of infrared services, the home inspection is valued at $750-2,500. Better yet, within the high-end real estate market, there are many buyers who are in desperate need of these in-depth inspection services.

Aerial Infrared Inspection

Aerial infrared roof inspections are able to pinpoint troubled areas and defects with astounding accuracy. These services enhance standard inspection testing and eliminate unnecessary flat roof replacements. Infrared moisture surveys are incredibly accurate at detecting moisture even in its earliest stages of buildup. Because of this, problem areas can be assessed before they turn into costly issues.


When Are Aerial Infrared Inspections Recommended?

An aerial infrared roof inspection offers amazing benefits when inspecting commercial roofing structures. However, they are also ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Large commercial roofs
  • Non-accessible roofs
  • Roofs with extreme pitch
  • Roofs without access

With the use of aerial infrared technology, home inspectors are able to perform roof inspections that were previously not possible. Additionally, aerial infrared services offer a way for the inspector to assess a roof without touching the surface to determine the integrity of the structure.

The infrared rays allow home inspectors to view higher and lower temperatures as they exist on varying portions of the roof’s surface. These temperatures help the inspector determine where heat is escaping from the roof. Thus, highlighting where weaknesses exist on the surface.

Because of their unique qualities, infrared roof inspections are priced differently than standard roof inspections. The cost often varies depending on a number of factors, including the roof’s size, the materials, and the type of aerial inspection being used.

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