The Mario Dorin Innovation

Solutions For Refrigerating and Airconditioning

Climate has often influenced mankind’s lifestyle, particularly when it comes to the type of food throughout the course of the year. In the four seasons of winter, autumn, spring, and summer, it is easier for food to quickly go bad or ferment overnight, in the latter three. During these three seasons, the temperatures are way above freezing point, which means bacterias, yeasts, fungi, and molds can inhibit the food and multiply. In the regions such as Greenland and the South Pole where it is cold and snowy (icy) throughout the year, they preserve food for months, by digging holes in the ice to freeze them. To counter such a problem in the past, it became necessary to use an icebox but this did not still solve the problem because the ice can only stay solid for so long before melting.

Mario Dorin was an inventor who mostly dealt with manufacturing broaches, machine tools, and air compressors among other things. This is before he decided to venture into open type compressors for refrigeration systems in 1932 which eventually became his company’s core business. In 1952, the company was producing semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration, which were more voluminous, forcing them to relocate to a bigger space in 1970 to meet the growing demand as well. By 1983, the compressors had started operating on 6-cylinders and up to 1998, the production included 8-cylinder compressors. Since 2000, the industry has been revolutionized thanks to the use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. The gas is compressed twice in a two-stage compressor to become a powerful coolant rather than once, as is the case with the older single stage compressor. It is more efficient because it produces a higher air power meaning it takes less time to cool items, and it can be used on a large scale courtesy of the higher air power produced. You can check out the two stage compressor among other products on the catalogue.


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