Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges in 2021

Cryptocurrency is the future of finance. It is changing the economic development to a modern and reliable era. Experts say that investing in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency will be the best economical decision. But there are plenty of bitcoin exchange platforms available online. It is really hard to find the best and trustable platform at first. Investing in the wrong exchange platform you may lose money. 

Because the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry is full of scams. To help you decide which Bitcoin exchange platform is best we have made a list of popular Cryptocurrency trade platforms. So, let’s dive into the list to exchange Bitcoin and trade Cryptocurrency.

Most of the time people are trying to compare between Bitcoin exchange platforms. Besides, kraken vs coinbase comparison will help you select the best exchange and buy-sell platform.


Popular 5 Bitcoin Exchange Platforms

Coinbase: Coinbase is an established Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform founded in 2012. It has over 56 million active crypto users from all over the world. They have traded $335 billion cryptos till now. Coinbase supports almost 100+ countries and they have more than 1700 employees.

Coinbase provides full functional UI control to the users. So traders can easily manage the exchange and other related stuff. This platform supports most of the Cryptocurrency that is available online. In addition, this place is best for Bitcoin to buy and sell.

The trading fee at coin base is a little high compared to other exchange platforms. But they provide really good service though. However, they take a 4% charge for every transaction. Whereas it is a trading platform, they charge %0.50 for every trade.

They have developed mobile apps so you can manage and control your account at any time, any place. We have seen lots of controversy about-face crypto from time to time. But Coinbase always maintains its distance from those controversies and provides clean and trusted service to its users.

Gemini: Gemini is one of the best Bitcoin exchange platforms for today. It is licensed under the New York trust company. One of the best parts of Gemini is the security and insurance facility. In other words, they provide Digital Currency insurance services for registered traders.

Gemini was founded in 2014 by twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. They start the Cryptocurrency journey for the security first exchange of all crypto. Gemini platform supports all well-known Cryptocurrencies for trade. Recently they operate from the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea.

The trading and exchanging fee is very low compared with other platforms. So, traders like to use this platform for making money. The user interface is so easy so the user experience is really good. Most new users should use this platform for trade or exchange Ethereum and Bitcoin currency.

Gemini supports 40+ Cryptocurrency for exchange. You can liquid your currency and withdraw through a credit card. This platform is best for the USA. But the platform takes personal data while signing up. On the other hand, their security is trustable and they are committed to giving the safety of your data.

Binance:  Binance is the world’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin buy & sell platform. It was established in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. Their service is available all over the world except the USA. In addition, Binance has a website dedicated to the USA only. Every day more than 2 billion US dollars are being exchanged through Binance.

This platform is equally suitable for beginners and experts. It supports more than 200 Cryptocurrency. It is huge and really powerful. Binance performs 1.4 million transactions per second. They charge a 0.1% flat rate for crypto exchanges.

Binance provides SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) features for its users. However, it only supports SWIFT for exchange deposits. But you can use a credit or debit card for direct purchase. This platform has a really brilliant feature that is helpful for users.  

Kraken: It is one of the powerful digital currency tradings and buy-sell platforms. They support 74 digital currencies for buy, sell and trade. Kraken has the fastest bank withdrawal speed among the entire exchange platform.

They have been ruling the market since 2011. It has been a long time since it provides good support for its users. In addition, Jesse Powell is the founder of the Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange and buy-sell platform. They support most of the popular payment systems for trade and withdrawal.

Bittrex: A former Blackberry and Microsoft employee built this platform in Seattle USA. Bittrex is a famous Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange online platform situated in 2013. The push-up of its popularity is the security of its system. This platform did not encounter any security breach since starting.

They charge a very low fee of around 0.25 percent for every trading. On the other hand, it gives wire transfer support for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, users will get %80-%90 insurance for their funds. This platform is really a good platform for newbies and expert traders.


Final Word

The Cryptocurrency ecosystem has been changing every day. People are experiencing how Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are building a new era of digital world development. In the coming future, the economy will be operated by Cryptocurrency and liquid money will be long gone. So it is the right time to make a move on Bitcoin and other digital currency.

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