Why Choose San Francisco for Your Busines

The Golden Gate Bridge is not just a grand way to get into San Francisco and the Bay Area. It also allows you to be in the best place possible for your startup or business expansion. Every aspect of San Francisco, from its geographical beauty to a thriving economy, draws entrepreneurs, new residents, and tourists like a magnet.  

That is why every San Francisco office space is a potential home to a “unicorn.” The term coined by the venture capital industry refers to a startup company that reaches a market value of over 1 billion USD. Thanks to the success stories of San Francisco’s unicorns like Twitter, Instagram, and Uber, every square foot of office space in the “City by the Bay” is now almost gold-like in price. 

That might seem to be a significant deterrent to startups and entrepreneurs. However, the considerable advantages of setting up shop in San Francisco could easily outweigh the high property price tag. All it takes now is for you to get to know the benefits your business can have in a San Francisco office space. 


Access to Resources

San Francisco and the Bay Area boast of a well-integrated network of business development centers that help entrepreneurs and small businesses, with their services often provided for free. They offer training and access to capital and other companies, thereby fostering business partnerships and networks. The San Francisco Business Portal offers online assistance and a neat business starter kit. 

Also, the sheer number of coworking enterprises in San Francisco opens excellent opportunities for startups and other small businesses to collaborate with established companies. That can also motivate you to adjust your plans on the kind of office space you are looking for in the city. 


Access to Business Incentives

Another key to the success of many businesses in San Francisco is its tax credits and incentives. If there is another thing that San Francisco can boast about, it is the city’s consistent effort in giving business developers and owners various tax credits, exclusions, or exemptions to promote rapid growth and expansion. 

Not all tax credits and incentives last. Some of these have already even expired sometime this year. Nonetheless, new ones often come every year to sustain the city’s support to entrepreneurs and small-scale enterprises. The San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development website can provide current information on these incentives and other available business assistance and development programs. 


Access to Well-Integrated Transportation Infrastructure  

San Francisco is known for its quaint streetcars, but that is just one of the many options to get around the city. Its 24-7 municipal railway complements the city’s extensive commuter rail system that connects it to nearby vital hubs. Together with San Francisco’s existing bus lines and streetcars, the light and commuter rail lines of the city now have convenient interconnection with the new Transbay Transit Center. 


Access to Round-the-Clock Services  

As with any metro area around the world, San Francisco is a city that never sleeps. With its mostly consistent fair weather and ideal temperate climate, the city is conducive to being up and about twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That aspect alone is attractive enough to many businesses and startups, especially those with international linkages and clients. 


Adding to the above, top educational institutions in the city like Stanford University produce a skilled and highly-educated workforce every year. The brightest and best talents come to San Francisco and the Bay Area because it is the hotpot of all business unicorns. With all that within your reach when you set up shop in San Francisco, that expensive office is pretty much covered. 

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