Are Premium Domains Worth It?

Getting your money’s worth for every purchase or business transaction cannot be overstated. With tough times comes the need for entrepreneurs to invest wisely. Every dollar spent is taken into consideration to ensure that maximum value is derived from such transactions.

Why pay so much for an ordinary domain name? A domain name can have a significant impact on the success of your business and should not be termed as ordinary. Premium domains can serve as the missing link for that growth you have always wanted in your business.


What are Premium Domain names?

Domain names acquired by companies or individuals are no longer available for sale to the public. There are exceptions to this rule as some premium domain names can still be sold. Several contributing factors can make a domain name  be considered as a premium. Some domain name owners may still decide to keep a domain name even when they don’t need to sell it at a higher price to anyone in need of the domain name.

Registrars of a domain name can identify likely domain names of premium value and sell at a higher rate. Not all domain names with an expensive price tag can be regarded as premium domain names.  Highly-priced domain names should not always be equated with quality. Instead, the quality of a domain can be said to be a function of the price, which justifies the value placed on it. Premium domain names are more expensive because they give more value to users

What makes premium domain names more expensive than other domain names? Here are some facts that put premium domain names at an advantage over other domain names.

  • Length: site visitors view shorter domain names as easy to memorize and attractive
  • Keywords: premium domain names make use of more specific keywords than generic vital words such as tech or cars, which could be difficult for users to locate.
  • Brandability: A domain main that can add value and uniqueness to a brand is usually highly-priced.
  • Domain history: Some domain names have an account of generating traffic as well as a strong potential of ranking high on search engines. These domain names that have over the years created a good impression in the minds of users can be regarded as premium quality domain names. 
  • Some domain names have a perfect match with your brand name, geographical location, industry and type of service. Such domain names already have high marketing value. 
  • Domain names that can be used as brand names
  • Domain names that have a very high tendency to be searched as keywords or phrases on search engines.

You only have two choices to make when you see a premium domain name. You can decide to buy it, or move on with your search.


What is the impact of a premium domain name on your business?

Advertising Cost is Reduced

You do not have to spend much money on advertising if your domain name matches perfectly with highly searched keywords. Domain names that carry a blend of well-arranged phrases or keywords can help your website rank higher on search engines even without spending so much on advertising.

Engaging Website Content

It’s a well-known fact that high ranking sites on search engines play a significant role in promoting your business. Writing engaging content  also helps to attract visitors to your site. If your target audience is in New Zealand, for instance, one other vital way to improve your website ranking on Google’s SERPs is to Purchase Domain Name Freeparking NZ or other premium domain names that match keywords in your niche.

Gives Your Online Brand an Instant Boost

Your business is instantly given an online boost when you make use of premium domain names. Your brand can become popular among users with simple domain names that are easy to memorize and linked with a particular service or product such as,,, and the likes. Advertising and marketing costs are significantly reduced because site visitors can easily relate to your domain name, which is closely associated with your brand name. Having a premium domain name automatically sells your brand and defines your core niche, a key factor in growing your business.

Increases Site Traffic through Direct Navigation

You will get direct traffic on your site without the help of search engines. Most people tend to use a product they are looking for as a domain name when typing on their URL browsers. For instance, a user in search of top quality cars can type directly as the URL address and hope to get a website with such domain name. When users go to your website directly on their browsers, such process is known as “Direct Navigation.” Having regular direct navigation to your site means that you get to spend less marketing your website.

High SEO Ranking

Domain names that are carefully matched with product or brand names have a high potential to rank higher on search engines. Premium domain names can help you get more people to see your brand when they type a related keyword on Google or other search engines. For example, will be displayed on search engines when you type “Hotel” as a search term.

Your Trademark is Protected

It’s not possible to lay claim to a domain name because it matches your brand or product name. Ownership of a domain name is based on who registers the domain name first. Two individuals in the same niche can compete for a domain name, and the person who first recorded the name is credited the ownership right. It is also possible for an individual whose business is not related to yours but with a genuine need for the domain name to register the title ahead of you.

Why Purchase a Premium Domain Name?

Premium domain names give your business a compelling brand that can be remembered easily due to their short length. However, the major drawback with premium domain names is that they are expensive. When compared with other domain names that can be gotten for $10 – $30, premium domain names cost over a hundred or thousand dollars. 

What you should consider primarily is the value of premium domain names. Several questions should be asked when accessing premium domain names:


  • Can you afford such a domain name? Don’t  run into bankruptcy in a bid to purchase a premium domain name.
  • Can I get other alternate domain names? Try exploring other domain options that are closely related to yours before buying a premium domain name. You can make use of different top-level domains. 
  • Will your website be monetized? You can consider buying a premium domain name if you will be making  lots of money from your site. Buying a premium domain name is dependent on the type of site you are creating. You can choose less expensive domain names for websites that are not monetized.




Consider starting with a cheaper domain name and move on to using premium domain names as your business expands. Many companies have changed their domain names from what it used to be.

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