What Made WordPress one of the Most Successful Blogging Tools on the Planet?

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Powering 1 out of every 6 sites on the Internet, there is no denying that WordPress is the “go to” web blogging tool.

Even though it’s mostly associated with blogging, many business owners have also employed the services of the platform.

However, the current article is mainly about blogging so I will do my best to focus on the topic.

So what made WP the most successful blogging tool on the planet?


What is WordPress?

All your friends have entered the complex world of blogging and, of course, you’ve decided to join the trend. However, you have no idea where to start.

You’ve never blogged before, and by all probability, are completely unfamiliar with the vague and unspecific requirements for making a successful blog.

Nevertheless, you’re motivated enough to give it a try. If John (I assume you have a friend named John you have an unspoken competition with) can do it, so can you.

Wordpress logo

You go to the source of all the world’s knowledge and wisdom – Google, and ask this mystical oracle what blogging platform should you choose. Within miliseconds of hitting the Enter key, you get your asnwer – WordPress.

The name appears again and again wherever you look but it’s as obscure and enigmatic as the aforementioned essentials for making a flourishing blog.

You’ve already begun to regret your decision to delve into the matter, but then remembered the smug smile John gave you when you answered you didn’t have a blog that time he asked you.

You had no way of riposting this subtle mockery and you don’t want it happening again – next time you will be prepared.

So motivated by your anger and with renewed determination you begin reading and find that WordPress is the most successful blogging tool you can use.

It gives you tons of plug-ins, there are numerous free themes and an immeasurable amount of options.


Content Management System

What mostly caught your eye, however, was something people kept referring to as CMS (content management system).

With a bit of additional research, you finally realize this is the main reason people prefer WP – its CMS, which enables you to easily create, manage, edit and upload content on the Internet.

Finally, people will be able to see your point on various controversial topics and give you some desperately wanted feedback. And all you’ll have to do is create an account and perform a little tweaking magic tricks.

With the almost unlimited access to most things WordPress (you don’t care much about the paid stuff, which is why your admission suffers from some restrictions), you are finally ready to begin.

You choose a theme, install a few plug-ins, and get your blog up and running. You don’t even notice the fact that you’ve been dealing with this for two hours already.

It’s interesting and engaging. After all the tweaking, you’re finally ready to produce your first post.

The topic can’t be arbitrary – it has to be something really interesting; something people will want to read; something that will erase that arrogant smirk from John’s face (seriously, why do you hate him so much, anyway?).

Fast forward and 2 hours later your post is ready for publishing. The content management system is great – you can do everything without entering even a line of code.

It let’s you format, edit and upload everything just the way you want it. It lets you upload photos and add hyperlinks. It enables you to create the perfect post without so much as breaking a sweat. You’ve fallen in love and you know you will enjoy tweaking it even more next time.

But for now, it’s time to rest.

You’ve familiarized yourself with this great tool, and have found one of the most intuitive and simple content management systems you’ve ever thought possible (even though you didn’t know what a CMS was a few hours before that).

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