5 Ways To Write Better Blog Posts

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There are so many people blogging these days, it’s easy to get lost in the information overload of the internet.

How can you stand out and write interesting blog posts that people will want to read? Here are a few tips.


1. Use Subheadings, Bullet Points, and Small Paragraphs

No one wants to sift through one paragraph of information. It’s easier to read text when it’s broken up with subheadings, bullet points, and smaller paragraphs.

A lot of people have major ADD these days, and breaking up information this way helps people to pay attention to the content in your post.


2. List Posts are a Great Way to Draw People In

Posts like “4 Tips for Decorating Your Sunroom” or “9 Things You Should Do When Selling a House” are informative and useful.

The reader is more likely to click on your post and read it because he or she knows what he or she is getting into.

Didn’t you click on this post because it promised 5 ways to write better blog posts?

Great Job Text In a pink Post It Note


3. Be Relevant

Discuss something that is timely. It’s always interesting to bring in a news article and talk about something that is current.

Whether you are discussing a news topic or writing a how-to post, make sure you stay on topic and you stay focused.

Don’t go off on an unrelated tangent. You want all of your information to be useful to the readers.


4. Use Multimedia

Are there interesting photos you could insert that help to illustrate your photo?

Are there interesting infographics that you could create?

Why not make a video blog and insert it into your post?

These type of things will keep your blog interesting for readers and they won’t always know what to expect, which will keep them coming back for more.

There are many topics that are better addressed in podcasts, videos, or images than in text. Use the medium that makes the most sense for what you are discussing.


5. Be Original

Don’t just regurgitate the same old information that is out there. Don’t just look up other blog posts and basically paraphrase.

Be original and unique. Get a little bit personal and discuss why you in particular are qualified to write about this topic.

For example, I have a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and I have worked in internet marketing for many years, which has helped me to learn what makes an effective blog post.


The main point is that your readers are coming to your blog because of your unique voice. Don’t try to imitate other blogs.

Do whatever it is that makes you original, whether that’s telling anecdotes from your life, providing useful information that you have learned in your field, or telling funny jokes and sharing interesting photos.

Keep your posts to the point, keep them current and relevant, and break up the information in an interesting way.

Keeping all of these things in mind will ensure that readers stick with you until the end.


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15 thoughts on “5 Ways To Write Better Blog Posts

  1. Hii Erik,

    thanks for these informative tips about – 5 Ways To Write Better Blog Posts. According to me the last one (Be Original) is most important thing for all the bloggers. thanks again for this nice and helpful post.

  2. Hi Erik,

    Using bullet points and short paragraphs makes all the difference in the world. People can scan this content quickly. Scannable content rocks because most readers are in a hurry and want the shorter version.

    Excellent tips all around. Be unique. Find your blogging voice through practice, follow up by speaking your voice each time you post on your own blog or write a guest post.

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to succeed with blogging is to post like crazy. I wrote 3 posts today along with 3 articles for my ghostwriting venture. Practice makes better, big time.

    Thanks Erik, great share man.


  3. Erik,
    Nice article. I have started breaking my material down into smaller sections with headings and I think my visitors have enjoyed the articles that way. Adding the personal information ensures what the reader is learning could only come from you. I like that tip.

    1. I think this is some of the things that make stand out a blogger: showing your personality.
      Just telling your point of view on topics already discussed many many times, can make the difference.
      Thanks for sharing your point of view, Cecil.

  4. Hey Eric, Great Post.

    I tell you as a new blogger i always search for Quality tips to write better post, as what guru says Read more and Write more.

    Breaking post in small para is one of the best tactics to keep the visitor on the site, as well it looks good.

    Originality and relevant is needed but in combination to that we must try to give something unique,
    Same information which is available online if we just write in our words is useless so uniqueness is much needed in each and every article we write…

    Personally speaking just to gain better experience on writing a better post i always try to implement new thing on my post, just to see the output….

    Great Going Sara Crawford.

    1. That’s right, Ajit.
      Being original means being able to stand out from the crowd.
      blogging has become so popular that at the moment is quite difficult to tell something new.
      But if you are able to hook your audience with something interesting, then you are well on your way to success.

      Thanks for your feedback, Ajit.

  5. Very true Erik. I personally get tired looking for points in an article because I don’t like reading it as a story book but as an article with everything outlined well and every point making sense. I agree with you in all points.~ Anetta

  6. Hey Erik,

    Yet another interesting masterpiece you’ve got here. I’m particularly interested with the “be original” and I think that’s the most important every blogger should look into. Albeit every other points are very valid and as well as really critical but I really resonated with the last one.

    Being Original as far as am concerned involves being yourself, staying far from the “copycat” zone. Write in your voice, be unique and write excellent contents which only you could write. When a blogger succeed in doing this listed points and make the “be original” a core he has ultimately positioned himself as a source of inspiration which other people could learn from, and this is what being a successful blogger is all about.

    Thanks for sharing this highly informative post and for the record, Erik, I clicked to read this post because it promised “5 ways to write better blog posts”.

    Keep it coming boss while I keep reading. Thanks again! 🙂


    1. Great to see you here, Sam.

      Sometimes being original is not so easy, especially if you are in blogging or marketing niche, or other saturated ones.
      But showing your personality, telling your point of view on things can make the difference.

      Thanks for your comment here! 🙂

  7. Nice tips to be a better blog writer.

    Your second tip “List Posts are a Great Way to Draw People In” is an amazing way to attract readers to your blog. I have personally used this and getting better results. And I’ll suggest all to use these tips.

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