3 Great Tips for Preparing Your Home To Hit the Market

Getting ready to list your home? It’s crucial that your home is ready to give buyers a winning first impression right from the start. Follow these three tips if you’re preparing your home to hit the market.


1. Update Your Landscaping

Beautiful landscaping is the perfect complement to a neat and tidy home. Ensure that potential buyers receive a warm welcome as they arrive at your door by removing all debris from your yard, keeping the grass mowed and edged and planting seasonally appropriate flowers and shrubs. No matter what time of year, it’s a good idea to get your yard in shape by hiring the experts in seasonal clean up Kent.


2. Add Curb Appeal

Another way to give buyers a great first impression is to inject some curb appeal to your home’s exterior. There are several ways to do this, but it’s helpful to focus on your front porch. Give your door a makeover with stain or paint. It’s also effective to install new outdoor lighting to enhance the appearance of your entire property and bathe exterior walls in a warm glow.


3. Clean the Interior

Don’t forget to give the interior of your home some attention, too. Prepare your home to greet buyers by cleaning and decluttering each and every room. Buyers want a clean slate so that they’re able to imagine what life would look like if they purchased your home. Removing personal items and putting them in storage, as well as deep cleaning even hard-to-reach areas, will ensure that buyers aren’t distracted by minutiae and instead can focus on the bigger picture of what your home has to offer.

Buyers have a lot of choices when it comes to home inventory so give them extra reasons to choose yours. By taking these steps before you go to list your home, you’ll ensure that your property is competitive and ready for a quick sale!

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