Tackle Your Commute

Workplaces and offices will be marked by the impacts of COVID-19 forever. Not only are more individuals working from home, but flexible schedules, socially-distanced workspaces, and creative working conditions are the new norm. However, you may be like many working adults who are slowly are returning to the office at some point in the workweek. Check out these three tips to tackle your commute like a pro as you ease back into the daily grind.


Plan Ahead

As you return to your office or co-working space, it is important to analyze new and revised routes for your daily drive. Explore traffic and commute times using navigation apps, and plan ahead for construction and barriers, such as traffic control washington, to leave ample time to arrive early for work. Keep in mind that commuter traffic still may be lower than normal as some employees continue to work from home.



Have a longer drive? Boost your commute with fun, engaging podcasts, audiobooks, or dynamic music playlists. Following along to a story or complicated plot will make your drive go by in a flash. If you are a crime junkie you might enjoy true crime or thriller listens, while a lighter fare of DIY or travel podcasts may be best for a carefree commute.


Catch Up

Long commutes provide hidden opportunities. Spend your drive or ride time on the phone. Your commute is the perfect place to carve out time to speak with your parents, friends, or other family members. Even a five or ten-minute chat will be sure to brighten someone’s day. If your car is properly equipped, you can also send messages hands-free with voice-activated messaging. Remember, never text and drive with your hands to keep everyone safe.


Whether fifteen miles or fifty, all commutes can benefit from strategic planning, entertainment, and connection. Happy trails!

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