5 Tips If You Are Considering a Retirement Tree Change

For some people retirement is the best phase of their lives. And why shouldn’t it be? By the time you retire your children would’ve flown out of your nest and would’ve started their own lives, so this is probably the best time for a person to start thinking about spreading their wings, and do what they had wanted to do all their lives.

This is when most of the people in Australia think about a retirement tree change – moving to the country and living out the rest of your life at your dream destination. If you’re retired or are about to be, and you’re considering a retirement tree change, then here’s what you should consider before you make the decision.


1- Think Very Carefully About It

Think very carefully about what you want from your retirement destination. How should it be? What should it have? And then start looking for an ideal place that best suits your interests. Maybe you’d like to live in the countryside with a river nearby or maybe you’d prefer living in a quiet and secluded town. You can consider the options provided by insurance companies for your retirement tree change. Visit freedominsurance.com.au/ for more information.


2- Make Sure Your Friends & Family Are Just a Phone Call Away

Make sure you take into consideration the distance between your new destination and your family and friends. Going too far is not really a good idea in case you need to go somewhere or someone needs to come at your place. Deciding in favour of a destination that takes you far away from your loved ones might make you think otherwise eventually. So it’s better to factor in this possibility before you make a decision.


3- Trying Before Buying Is Better

Try spending an extended period of time at the place you’re thinking of buying and moving to before you uproot the life you have right now. You can rent the place for a while, or you can move in with a friend or a family member who lives nearby for a few months and give your idea a try. You can also visit buymyplace.com.au and plan a short term lease. This will give you some time to test your retirement tree change plan, and you’ll get a proper feel of the place you’re intending to move to permanently.


4- Big Expectations

If you have unrealistic expectations about the services that you’ll get in a small country town, then you should either dial those expectations down a little or change your plan entirely. Moving from a big city to a small town might not be a very good idea if you expect to find first-rate healthcare services, transportation, roads and proximity to restaurants and other shops.


5- Recreational Activities

You will need something to keep yourself busy in your new life. So you better research about the community groups, clubs and the sporting groups that you can join wherever you’re planning to move to.  Find out what kind of activities you can pursue there before you pack up your things and move out.

A retirement tree change sure sounds very tempting and exciting. But the best way of making sure that you take the right decision about your retirement tree change is to reach out and connect with the other retired people who have opted for a similar change and discuss your plans with them. Their experiences and insights will surely prove to be very helpful for you to make a sound decision in this regard.

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