Tips for Successful Fundraising

Whether you are fundraising for your local schools or church, you want to be successful. This requires a good strategy, a well-rounded group of people, and knowing where to go for help. Use the following suggestions to get you started.


Plan an Event

You do not want to where yourself out with numerous ways to bring in a trickle of money. Although the bake sales and crafts serve a purpose, planning one large event will require less effort then several small plans. Have a movie night where you sell tickets, popcorn, and candy. Consider carnival theme where admission tickets are required and you also sell food and have games. Make it an event that is fun for all ages.


Finding Good Help

No matter what event you are planning, you will need a supportive group to back you up. Don’t make the mistake of only choosing volunteers that think like you do. The more ideas brought to the table, the better your success. Include outgoing people to make sales, talented people to work on the setting, and foodies that will either find or create wonderful treats.


Seeking Help

You will want more help than just your volunteers to bring money into your organization. Sponsorship is a great way to increase funds. Ask local businesses to contribute donations, products, or services in exchange for free advertising. This could be banners with their logo on it hung up at the event or a table with samples of their merchandise available. Stay organized as you approach these people with the help of accufund government accounting software from FTM Nonprofit Accounting Solutions.

Once you learn how to do a fundraising event, seek sponsorship, and find the right people to help you, you’ll be well on your way to success. The goal is to earn the most you can with as little effort as possible. In the end you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, and your organization will benefit from the money you generated.

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