Most Used Binary Option Patterns

To get the most out of binary options, you need a pattern.

Here are the best trading patterns with binary options, winning systems that allow you to achieve continuous and constant gains over time (gains on every single winning transaction).

If you want to follow the best strategy, it is good to know also the technical analysis, but these pattterns are easy to understand for those with little experience in the field.

Below is a list of the best online trading techniques.


50-period moving average

A pattern that allows you to earn money thanks to the simple moving average, an indicator that has always been used in online trading and adapted to trading in binary options.


Bands of bollinger + RSI

Two indicators are better than one, this is the key principle on which this simple trading pattern is based, which exploits the extreme phases of the market.


Supports and resistaces

The supports and resistances form the basis of online trading.

Thanks to them we can establish levels where the price will react in only two ways.

There will be nothing left but to follow the trend that is created to aim for a profit.


Long candle

The candlesticks come in handy once again, and even in this case they are an excellent signal to make money with binary options.


Binary options pattern of 60 seconds

Big trading opportunities are hidden in the investment in binary options of 60 seconds.


One touch binary options pattern

Earning 550% in just one week is not for everyone, but you have to try and understand how to act.


Macro economic data

Macro economic data, as well as financial news, are essential for understanding price trends.

There are some data that can be decisive for investing in binary options.


Trend line of DeMark

Not all trace trend lines in the same way, with this indicator of trading you will trace your trend line in an objective way, thus exploiting the points of inversion of the trend through the investment in binary options.


Pivot point

Pivot points are points where the price could rise and rebound.

By calculating these points you will find areas where investment becomes easier.


Double Up

Double Up is available on most binary trading software / platforms, allowing you to double your initial investment before it expires.


VIX index

The VIX index is a volatility index that can be used to better analyze the different market phases, which is used to calculate the implicit speed of the options market, which can be used to confirm current trends, as well as the potential reversal points.


Price action

Analyzing the price volume can be very useful to better understand the current trends in the markets, thus discovering their strength and potential reversal points.


Bundles of moving averages

The moving average is one of the most used technical analysis tools because it is among the most reliable.

There are several ways in which you can use the moving average in online trading.




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