How to Secure a Premium Office Location in Hong Kong with a Virtual Office

Hong Kong is a major player in today’s financial and commerce markets. The fast-paced, thriving, multicultural port city is booming and is home to the world’s’ freest, most competitive economy. English is widely spoken, there’s a well-educated workforce so it makes sense that the city has long been considered a great base for launching into the Asian marketplace.

With all this going for it, Hong Kong hasn’t gone unnoticed by savvy entrepreneurs, driving office rental prices in the city up to become some of the highest in the world. If you’re looking to start a business in or expand into Hong Kong, utilising a virtual office might be a clever way to get a foothold in this competitive marketplace while also being affordable. Servcorp is the premium service providers and if you’re looking for a virtual office, choose from 3 premium Servcorp locations in Hong Kong.

Let’s find out how a virtual office can help you secure a premium office location in Hong Kong.


A Fraction of the Cost


Virtual office service providers are located in the most prestigious buildings in hugely sought-after CBD locations. Without having to sign a lease for conventional office space or make a huge financial investment in office real estate, you’ll be able to secure a premium office location in Hong Kong straight out of the gate.

This is a massive advantage as office rental space in Hong Kong is so pricey, you certainly don’t want to be locked in to a long-term lease there if things don’t go according to your business plan.


Impressive Addresses

With virtual office space, you’ll still carry out your business off-site but you get to utilise the provider’s impressive address on all of your business correspondence and marketing materials. In Asian business culture, business cards are still held in high regard so having an impressive Hong Kong address on your business card will create a great first impression on prospective clients and investors.


Added Credibility

People do, unfortunately, judge a book by its cover and people will make an instant decision about your business based on your address. If they see an address in an undesirable location or even from a residential area, they might not take your business as seriously or even worse, disregard it as illegitimate.

Servcorp offers virtual office solutions from three premium locations in Hong Kong’s CBD so you can show potential clients and customers that you are to be taken seriously as you’ll share an address with all the big players in the city.



Premium virtual office providers offer unparalleled flexibility with month-to-month rolling contracts for services provided. You’re not locked in to a long-term binding contract and you have the freedom to tailor your package as per your business needs. If you need mail and courier management services you can add these on. If you need to utilise a local telephone number in Hong Kong you can avail of this with a dedicated bilingual receptionist to answer your calls, meaning you won’t miss out on new leads and opportunities.

You’ll also be able to avail of the option to upgrade to a serviced office in the same location, should your business venture go well and you need to expand to something with more reality.


Virtual Office Will Secure Premium Office Locations

With a virtual office in Hong Kong at your disposal, you’ll have all of the benefits of an actual real-life office location, with none of the associated risks or hassles. With the option of upgrading to a serviced office space in the future, you’re sure to secure a premium office location and get your business venture off on the right foot from the start.


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  1. I’ve heard a lot of great virtual offices in Hongkong as well as other Asian countries like the Philippines and Singapore. There are many benefits of having a virtual office and it is really efficient for start ups, freelancers, and other businesses.

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