A Guide to Different Industries You Could Work in as a Software Engineer

Software has become an essential part of the modern world. Today, every industry relies on the power of programming to make their products and services streamlined and contemporary. Software engineers are in high demand, and face no shortage of lucrative job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 900,000 available jobs for software engineers, and the demand is growing. If you are an aspiring software engineer, here are some industries you could work in.


Health Care

Health care needs skilled software engineers. The problems that plague the health care industry are complex and challenging. Programmers working in health care could find themselves developing medicare cost reporting software or IT systems that use data to understand diseases.



If you are a software engineer, you might consider using your skills in government. All branches of government from state officials to federal agencies need skilled software engineers. Software engineers working for the government typically work on solving complex cybersecurity problems and securing the safety of confidential documents.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field—it is changing the way technology is used across all industries. As a field, it is in high demand for software engineers that can leverage its ground-breaking technology. Software engineers in the AI industry can expect to use deep learning and machine learning concepts to create innovative applications.



Increasingly, retail businesses are moving their platforms online. For commercial shops, developing an e-commerce presence is becoming a necessity.  E-commerce businesses rely on software engineers to create an aesthetic online shopping experience for customers. If you are a software engineer in retail, you might work on developing a businesses’s website for mobile users.

All contemporary industries rely on software engineers to stay innovative. If you are a software engineer, you can choose from a wide range of industries to build your career.

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