Top 8 Advantages Of Repainting Your Electrical Substation

Typically industrial contracts are awarded based on the overall productivity, quality, and inspection of production lines. To make sure that your facility looks presentable to the clients, keeping your machinery in the best condition is essential.  

If you already have a team of professionals that regularly perform maintenance on mechanical and electrical equipment, well, taking care of your machine’s exterior is equally crucial. Besides regular cleaning, painting your equipment every few years is essential to protect your machinery against environmental factors. So, today Utility Service & Maintenance, INC. presents to you the top 8 advantages of substation painting. So, without any further ado, fasten your seatbelt and let’s get started.  


#1 Improved appearance: Tired-looking equipment suggests unreliability, and could have a negative impact on your company’s image. Keeping your plant and substation look new is one of the most natural things you can do to send the right message to your clients. But the benefits of substation painting are not just limited to visual overhaul. In a nutshell, your clients will feel more confident in your machinery, which in return, will bring you more business. Plus, painting substation in your chosen color scheme will allow you to create a unified lookout throughout your facility.  


#2 Rust and corrosion prevention: One way to keep your substation in perfect condition is to protect them from rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion may lead to a large component or even complete machine failure, which may result in unexpected downtime and extra costs. 


#3 Weather resistance: Special coating systems offer superior weather resistance, protecting your electrical substation against acid rain, salt air corrosion, moisture damage, tarnishing, etc. Additionally, coating with UV blockers also helps prevent yellowing, paint cracking, peeling, and sun fading.  


#4 Thermal protection: Elevated temperatures can cause an extremely aggressive environment for electrical substation. Fortunately, paint manufacturers make available a series of heat-resistant coatings that help in protecting against thermal shock and many other problems that generally occur in high-temperature service environments.  

#5 Extends equipment service life: Painting substation will restore its original finish, which generally breaks down within three-four years of purchase. Doing coatings and paint to the electrical substation will result in a high-quality finish that may help in extending the life cycle of the substation by many years, maximizing your ROI. 


#6 Fewer breakdowns: Taking proper care of equipment and repainting them regularly will protect your business against unexpected machine failure and reduce downtime, which will save you money.  


#7 Enhanced productivity: Properly maintained substation will not only power your faculty for many years, but will also help in increasing productivity. Though painting your machine doesn’t guarantee the elimination of all unplanned downtime, but it has proved to reduce the frequency of machine failure, with a positive impact on production.  


#8 Ease of maintenance: Painted substation is easy to maintain. Since dirt can’t penetrate a shiny surface, getting rid of it from freshly painted substation is super easy.  


Final Words

These were the eight advantages of repainting your electrical substation. In conclusion, painting your machinery regularly will help protect it against the adverse effects of various factors and keep it looking new all the time.  

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