Accounting Software for Large Enterprises in SA

Large enterprises need to have a very effective accounting software system that can handle all their transactions effectively.

There are various solutions available in South Africa, which is scalable to meet the needs of growing businesses across all industries.

One of the most important aspects of installing an accounting system is accurate records. Every business needs this – accurate records will not only allow you to be compliant but also give you an accurate overview of where your company stands in terms of turnover and overall growth.

An accounting package can help you to manage payroll effectively, which can mean hundreds or even thousands of transactions for large organisations every month.


The Pastel Evolution Range

The Pastel Evolution range of accounting software is ideal for growing businesses; this standard version is perfect for small and medium-size businesses, while the ERP version is ideal for larger organizations.

This standard version offers accounting and HR support, as well as multiple users and an advanced accounting environment.

There are additional features within this software package, including job costing, reports, as well as an enhanced usability office of software itself.

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Pastel Evolution ERP is suited for large organisations has many additional modules that can be added as needed.

You can add the Business Intelligence Centre, which will combine your payroll system with Excel and allow you tools that will create reports and analyse information.

You can also add the Industrial Council Compliance module so that you no longer need to complete Industrial Council reports. You can simply generate an e-mail with a click of a button and this is a real time saver.

You can also add another edition do you accounting software, Employee Self-Service (ESS). This is a web-based self-service tool that enables employees to manage and maintain their own information online.

They can make online applications for leaf, loans, bursaries and more. I can also view their payslips and update their personal information.

They can also have access to HR related documentation, on a real-time basis. This is excellent for larger companies.


Smaller Businesses and Start-Ups

Smaller businesses and start-ups can benefit by implementing one of these software solutions as they are scalable an can be a great investment for the future.

Not only can they handle small businesses with ease but they allow for added functionality that basic systems or spread sheets cannot offer.

Smaller start-ups also need to focus on their growth and keep costs to a minimum. This is why it might be a good idea to use a team that can take care of accounting and payroll on their behalf.

This will include everything from payslips to tax deductions. This means that a small business can tap into the resources and support of a larger accounting firm without having to hire additional employees or pay for training.

Accounting packages are extremely important for any growing business in South Africa.

Whether it’s Pastel Payroll or another smaller package – it’s essential to always ensure that you are compliant and prepare yourself for growth into the future.


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