BEE Training for Small Businesses in South Africa

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As a small business owner in South Africa, BEE compliance has become increasingly important to have.

It is an essential part of your success, especially if you want to apply for government contracts and other tenders from larger organizations.

It might also give you a competitive edge in your industry, which is why it is beneficial to take part in an effective BEE training course in South Africa.

BEE training has become more and more popular throughout the country due to the many benefits that this certification can provide companies with.

Small, medium and large companies have realized that they can significantly increase their business operations by empowering their staff and managements with the knowledge and tools needed to make BEE part of their operation.

Professional BEE training courses, conferences and workshops are being conducted throughout the country in various locations to help businesses become verified and apply for their own BEE contributor statuses.


Professional BEE Training Courses

Black Economic Empowerment training courses are available for a variety of small businesses, as well as registered auditors and verification intermediaries.

These courses are usually held over a two day period, and the training fee includes your course material, branded gifts, as well as lunch and refreshments.

When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance. If you attend a training course from the BEE Training Academy, you and your team members will also be provided with free registration on BEE Navigator, a popular scoring and verification software.

A team of professional people smilingSmall and medium sized businesses in South Africa are starting to realise just how important it is to be BEE compliant.

These training courses will help to explain the processes of BEE, as well as the benefits and the goals of being BEE compliant.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) will help to improve the buying power of the broader South African demographic; expanding the markets in which companies trade and increasing demand for the products that these companies sell.


Benefits of BEE Training Courses

There are various benefits in completing these training courses, including:

  • Understanding the concepts and benefits that BEE and B-BBEE certification provides you with
  • Growing your business by becoming BEE compliant
  • Improving the knowledge and skills of your workforce
  • Showing your commitment to implementing BEE policies in your business

Training courses can be booked conveniently online and once you register you will receive detailed directions to the nearest venue.

You can also choose to have a training provider come to your business and deliver the training course in-house; this is a great option for larger organizations that need to train a large number of employees.

These training courses are ideal for management staff and team leaders too.

The BEE Training Academy in South Africa welcomes company directors, small business owners, financial managers, accountants and HR professionals to their variuos BEE training courses and the company aims to provide valuable and useful information and guidance to all employees and management teams on being BEE compliant and how the entire company can benefit from this certification.


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