Tips For Attracting New Customers

Regardless of how good you are at what you are doing, if you don’t have a solid customer base, you wills stagnate an eventually your business will end up like so many others, in the dumps.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business, but most of the small businesses can’t afford too large marketing budgets and constant promotions.

That’s why we have decided to list some of the things that you need to do in order to make sure that your old customers remain loyal, and that you have a healthy influx of new ones.


1. Know Your Customers

First of all, in order to attract new customers, you have to make sure that you know them. You have to understand the demographics you are catering to.

Who are the people that are most interested in your products, what age groups do they belong to, what are their interests and what might they find appealing.

Once you know who is buying your products or using your services, it will be easier for you to create an outreach that will be specifically tailored for them, which will increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and prevent you from trying to attract people who have no interest in what you are offering.

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2. Have Confidence in Your Product

Naturally, you also have to understand your product, be aware of its faults and advantages.

You have to make sure that you are offering a great price to quality ratio, as the saturated market means that only the business that are offering premium value to their customers will prosper.

Once you have confidence in your product, it will be easier for you to market it.


3. Outreach

Once you have a firm grasp on these, it is time for you to start with the outreach.

This can be done in a number of ways, including promotional products, speaking in seminaries, holding different competitions, getting to know your community, and so on, but the fastest and cheapest way to gain huge exposure is through internet.


4. Upgrade Your Website

This is to say that you need a well made, good looking website, that is both easy to use and that does a good job of presenting you to your customers.

Don’t skimp on the website, as its performance and appearance will say a lot about your business to your potential customer.

If you know your customers, you’ll know what websites they are likely to be visiting. If you can, try and advertise yourself on such websites.

PPC campaigns are relatively cheap (depending on their scope and duration, naturally) and they are a great way to target your ads directly at your desired demographic.


5. Social Media

Social media outreach is another important aspect of this type of advertising that you should by no means ignore.

This includes both paid Facebook ad campaigns and just being active on different networks and interacting with people, both those who are likely to become customers, and other people in your profession.


You should also try and promote yourself on different blogs, including your own, that you can use to write informative pieces about your business.

This will not only help in displaying your expertise to your visitors, but ensure that your visibility increases.


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31 thoughts on “Tips For Attracting New Customers

  1. I think knowing your customers is essential if you want to successfully market your product or service. Social media is great, but you need to know where your customers are and which platform they use.

  2. Website look, feel, and usability can kill a website. Conversely a well designed on that is user friendly invites visitors to go further inside. If you can’t get past the first 10 seconds your visitor has bounced!

  3. Having a well designed and easy to use website is key in attracting visitors that convert into paying customers. Too many times I visit websites that offer good products, but are very hard to navigate and I end up not going through with the purchase of a product because the site is just way too confusing and hard to use.

  4. Attracting a customer with a site that decently displays all the products on the coverpage is vital. People do not spend too much time to browse through all the pages and most of the important products are missed. It is very true that the company is confident about it’s product as you rightly said. But, I am not sure if Social media is that good for our products.

    Overall this article touches every subject.

  5. Good tips. Your website it’s your image that defines, and if the design of the site isn’t very attractive, you won’t be able to attract customers.

  6. Attracting customer is not that easy, you should a good communication in communicating with them. You should get your target, convince them and offer them your products or any that you are selling or promoting. I could say that the event planner in the Longega events has these personality, they negotiate their clients in a good way. They maintain to have a good relationship with their customers. Visit

  7. Very True Diana and I agree with all your points especially knowing your products and how you to price them depending on what it has. This is because the buyer will always check on what it has and maybe asking himself why does it cost this much or less. If you give that buyer a reason then he will get a reason to come back and do the outreach for you. Another thing is if you have employed someone to do the business for you then make sure they understand the importance of keeping that customer and they know what they are doing so as to avoid disappointing the customers you attract. Thanks ~ Anetta

  8. Hi Erik,
    It is always beneficial to target quality traffic in order to enhance conversion. First we need to identify our target market and their needs before placing any offers. Thanks for the guidance, it will help us to target the right audiences thereby enhancing our reach.

  9. There are some great times.I have been inquiring about attending more events especially those that dont relate to my field so I can stand out. Might even host an event to give back to the community

  10. Really interesting comments in this blog and so true. Especially important in my business hypnotherapy. We need to attract new customers every day of the week to replace the ones that we have successfully helped.

  11. I always use Facebook for this, I have my sister who is 17 and very popular at her school and fitness so has many friends, we have our gym at the town so I always tell her to share some products from our site, like diet food etc, weight loss food etc, this way we get plenty of visitors to our site and potential buyers as well. So my advice is get someone good looking and popular on fb and you can do it too 😀

  12. Awesome post, Melinda. I like your suggestion of branching out into other social media websites and finding out where your prospective customers spend their time. This could pay off big time.

  13. One just can’t ignore the use of Social Media for traffic generation and knowing your customers is also a great deal. Simply we should not opt for SEO only.

  14. Social media is the the cheapest and most effective marketing these days. TV commercials is just way too expensive .

  15. Hello Give thanks to your own for this data. For a nice and seeking days and nights although can’t apparently discover just about any legitimate infomation. thanks again brother. 😀 Great work.

  16. Social websites would be the the most affordable and a lot useful advertising and marketing these days. Television advertising is definitely much too pricey.

  17. Social media marketing will be the the most affordable and most efficient advertising and marketing these days. TELEVISION SET commercials is much too expensive. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Now days social media promotions are the major part of seo. If you want traffic then you need to promote your service or products in to social media. I always use facebook,twitter,google plus, pinterest etc for promotions.

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