Earn Your Living As A Freelance Writer

An old typewriter used to write long time ago

In recent years, as the surveys show, a lion’s share of the information in the internet is taken in visually.

In other words, people tend to watch the pictures, videos or infographics rather than to read long texts.

But in the same time, while the internet is full of swallow, uninteresting content, freelance writers will be in a great demand.


Can I earn money as a freelance writer?

The #1 tip I would like to give to everyone dreaming about freelance writing career is: be realistic about your writing skills.

The fact is, it’s very simple to get started. There are loads of resources for freelancing and everyone is welcome to participate.

But the fact you can put the words together doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to make it as a freelance writer.

There are lots of people who write but not all of them earn enough to leave their day jobs.

An old typewriter used to write long time ago


Test yourself. Are you a good fit for freelancing career?

Many men, many minds, many unique stories. But there are several main features among those who are a real success as a freelance writer.

So, freelancing is perfect for you if:


1. You possess the great writing skills.

Yeah, it’s old like the world is, but nothing determines your success more than this. Lots of people can write these days, but really little of them have their own style and invoke the desire to read their writings more and more. If you’re not sure about yourself, write several articles and ask your friends to tell pros and cons of your writing. If several people like your writing, it will be a good idea to give it a go.


2. You outstand out of the crowd.

Many people write in a simple, non-recognizable way. And if your writing is different, you’ll have more chances to be noticed and earn more.


3. You have a deep knowledge in particular area and are willing to share.

Many writers are simply…writers, I mean, while they have a broad outlook in many spheres of life, they are not specialized in any concrete area. And if you’re not just a writer, but a practical marketing analyst AND a writer, you’ll possess a deeper knowledge and your advice will be in much greater demand.


4. You’re ready to learn and grow as a writer.

Maybe, now you’re not perfect in creating good writings, but if you realize it takes time and, what is more important, are ready and willing to learn, you’ll have more chances to succeed.


5. You’re communicative and open for a constructive feedback.

As a freelancer, you’ll have to look for people to work with. Your task is to be friendly, behave professionally and make a good impression, as your salary depends on it.

Also, especially at the beginning of your career, get ready to be rejected many times.

If you are easy to get worried and often rejects can disturb you, then freelancing is probably not the best idea.


Do you conform to the most points above?

If so, it’s high time to check if writing skills can earn your living.

Here are some more tips for those who is determined:

Build your professional image with LinkedIn profile.
If you’re oriented on a long career that is what will help you to get connected with the people you need.

Join writing communities.
Newbie has a lot to learn, and it’s useful to get to know about someone else’s experience. Try Reddit.com, freelancesuccess.com, write.com.

Write paid posts for blogs.
Many bloggers pay freelance writers for quality and informative articles. Check Payperpost.com, Contentblvd.com, Problogger.net.


3 thoughts on “Earn Your Living As A Freelance Writer

  1. I think there will always be a place for freelance writers and as more people get online each year the work will keep on increasing. Not only will freelance writing be popular, but also all other freelance jobs will become even more in demand as time goes by.

    1. Internet has really made everything possible,
      as the research of jobs quicker and availability of positions.

      Thanks for the comment, Denis.
      Have a great day!

    2. Hello Denis, I think you are right. However, freelance writers are going to have to increase their skills and do more than just write. In 2014 and beyond content marketing is the name of the game. Companies will be looking for writers who know how to write concise and compelling copy and content. But it won’t stop there, these same companies are going to want their freelance writers to also promote their content. So freelance writers who are looking to increase their value and their income need to get well-versed in content marketing. Writing content is one thing, and promoting it is another. 🙂

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