Top 5 Books Which Help You Become Successful

Senior Business Man

We often want to change our lives, but sometimes we are missing something, and we cannot even understand what it is.

But in our century of available information it is not necessarily to ‘reinvent the wheel’ yourself.

You can profit by the experience of people who have gone this way and achieved success.

In this article we offer you top 5 useful books about self-development.


1. Tina Seelig – “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20”

Especially this book is useful for those people who want to build own business, keep it and grow. It does not only contain practical advice, but also helps to learn how to think in the right way, like the current owners think.

The book teaches us not to take the complexity, such as the lack of start-up capital, insurmountable obstacle, but to treat them like an incentive for self-improvement, milestones on the way to being “yourself” and what you want to be.

No idea? This book will help to find it.

Discouraged? The book will tell you where to get the energy and enthusiasm needed to begin a career businessman, and how to use your imagination to the maximum.

Senior Business Man


2. Kelly McGonigal – “The Willpower Instinct”

In her book Kelli McGonigal helps to educate and strengthen the power of will, and her procedure is right for every person.

Readers are invited to ten week course, and during this course they are carrying out practical tasks and following the recommendations in order to be able to better understand the opportunities.

In other words, they realize that they are able to do anything what they want to do or to be.


3. Les Hewitt, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen – “The Power of Focus”

The main difficulty in achieving your objectives is the inability to prioritize – to determine the goal and to plan the steps to implement it.

In addition, the book will help you understand which of your goals are really important and can help you in the future and which are discarded, because they are not useful for you.

Another problem is that person has found a goal but cannot find the time to implement it or, on the contrary, immerses in work and forgets about the rest and privacy.

The book includes techniques which help to find time for everything, and equally enjoy all life aspects.


4. Ryan M.J. – “This year I will…”

“This year I will …” is another book about how to improve your efficiency. If you are afraid to change your life, in this book you will find useful tips how to overcome your fear and learn to enjoy the change.

Thanks to this book, everybody can understand his own unique strengths, learn to use them to his advantage and make his life in every sense richer and more interesting in any sense.


5. Fiore Neil – “The Now Habit A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play”

The book contains tips how to fight with procrastination. It’s the constant postponement until later unpleasant thoughts and deeds that you don’t want to do, despite the obvious need.

The book contains practical advice how to set yourself on the right way, to change your mood from “I must” to “I want” and stop being afraid of failure.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Books Which Help You Become Successful

  1. Hi Erik,
    Surely these books are the great books of the world for becoming successful.
    I mostly prefer “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20” and “The Willpower Instinct”.
    These books are like the super natural power here to becoming successful as well as motivating and helpful personality.
    Thanks for providing this great information. 🙂

  2. Books are a great source of inspiration. Sometimes what you learn from a book can never be taught by anyone else. And the books which you have referred are renowned. So thanks for sharing such a great article.

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