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Having a doctor’s office, human resource office, or any kind of office doesn’t seem like a haven for mishaps.

However, no structure or person is illicit from harm, so it is a good idea to think about office insurance, a specialized policy that covers the needs of your everyday office and the building in which it resides in.

This policy is good whether you are leasing office space, working out of your home, or own and operate buildings used for offices.

If your office falls into these categories, which most do, you are eligible to apply for this type of much needed coverage.

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Office Policies

Anyone who has an organized office, even the sloppy desk where you do your home business, is covered – along with the papers, computers, transcribing machines, and yes – the building itself.

Therefore, it would be generally a good idea for anyone who falls into this distinct category to pursue coverage as if tragedy stuck your main source of income, and you didn’t have the money in the bank to replace it, you would be in utter shambles.

If you were a dentist, you would have several million dollars’ worth of x-ray machines and equipment unreplaced if you didn’t have office insurance in place to protect those valued assets.

Some office insurance policies offer a provision for accounts receivables, so anything due at the time of the mishap would be paid out, courtesy of the policy.

Piggy Vault With Money Showing Money Safety


So Many Choices…

Many office insurance policy buyers find themselves lost in a huge vortex of choices, not understanding the differences from one office insurance policy to the next.

And this is where you can get duped or overcharged by the carriers. First and foremost, do not let people over insure you as this is the greatest form of deceit the insurance companies try to pull off; only purchase the minimum amounts. Always get a clear and concise understanding of what will be covered before signing on the dotted line.

Make the insurance agent explain what is being sold and the amounts of the coverage in dollars. Lastly, make sure that you are offered a money back guarantee if not satisfied as this is another way the insurance companies tend to get you.

Having this knowledge will assist you in making a well informed decision which will prevent over insuring and over spending for your office insurance policy.



Having an office is a great thing for your business needs and outsourcing, even if that office is on your kitchen countertop.

Having protection from atrocities that are almost always unplanned by having an office insurance policy will give you piece nightly that your equipment, paperwork and – of course – your body are always covered at the office.

As we age, many people will rely on their families to provide their basic care when they are no longer able to do it themselves.

There comes a point when informal networks of friends and family cannot provide the level of necessary care for the individual.

This is when long term office insurance becomes an asset. It will cover the care giving expenses which are not included in most health insurance plans.

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