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Affiliate Marketing Concept

A business relationship from an affiliate marketers standpoint needs to be a two way street.

Businesses are only successful if they are managed correctly and this means you need to have communication skills in order to succeed in business.

While I was in college 4 years ago I learned one thing in a English course that has always stuck with me; people that communicate well make 40% more money.

In this article I am going to provide some tips with working with affiliate programs.

With everything I do with my business I have learned a number of things over the years.  There are good and bad business decisions.

If your going to succeed with an affiliate program you need to find a system that works for you, and the the company.

Simply put, it’s a two way street and they should profit from the leads you generate and you should be compensated for your work.



Start by emailing your affiliate manager that your interested in promoting.  A good affiliate manager will be structured to help you increase your efforts ten fold.

Take note at how long it takes to get a response.  When I am developing a blog or website and ready to start the monetization process I look for managers that respond to my questions and provide me with feedback for increasing leads.

So typically, a good affiliate manager will respond to your inquiries within 1-2 business days.  A bad affiliate manager will take 5-7 business days to respond (sometimes they don’t even respond at all.)

Affiliate Marketing Concept


Company You Trust

Make sure you trust the company that you choose to work with.  It makes no sense to invest a stock that isn’t trustworthy.

For instance, I used to promote Hostgator for years, but I saw they sold their company to a company I didn’t support.  In turn their affiliate program changed and with the new leadership they lost a number of their loyal affiliates.

Keep up to date with what their doing behind the scenes by following their blog and staying current with what people are saying about their company.

If everyone is upset with them then you probably shouldn’t be promoting them.  Your name will be tied to them so don’t follow the sheep off the cliff.


Power Affiliates

One way in which you can maximize your work is to become a power affiliate.  This works the same way in which the top insurance agent works at a firm.

When you generate more leads you should expect to be elevated to a status of a “power affiliate”.  Don’t be scared to ask for more money once you’ve proven you can deliver.  The worse thing they can say is no.

If they have a tier 2 program make sure you utilize this which can be gold dusk from an affiliates standpoint.

All I trying to convey in this article is make sure you trust whoever you’re working with.   Affiliate marketing has lots of benefits and should be  treated like a “real” business.

Leave everything in your hands to make changes when companies change and make sure your affiliate managers are looking out for your best interest.

Have you had experience working with good or bad affiliate managers?  I would love to hear your comments down below.


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