Top 5 Ways to Increase Social Popularity

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Social media markets know the importance of social popularity and the difference a popular social media page can make to the bottom-line of a business or brand.

While setting up a social media page and managing it isn’t rocket science, increasing its popularity and sustaining is often the hard part.

However, these easy tips can help you increase the social popularity of your business’ social media page.


1. Be original, creative and trustworthy

The pressure to share a lot on social media sites usually makes social marketers lazy. After starting off with fantastic posts and updates that gets them interested in a page, marketers usually resort to sharing for the sake of sharing.

And this is where they lose followers and subscribers. It is important to remember that quality beats quantity on social media sites and a good update and an original item can go viral very easily and rake in thousands of pageviews.

Also, it is important to maintain your credibility on social media sites.

Before you post something scandalous, do a little background check on the story and you must never ever share videos or images of cats, dogs or babies doing something that you think is cute or funny or any of those sob stories that come with “Facebook will donate $1 if you like or share” captions.


2. Do not over share

Unless you are working for a news network or a blog network publishing lots of articles each day, you need to really be very careful about not going into social share overkill on your business page.

Even if you think that you absolutely need to make a lot of posts each day, space them out evenly through the day.

Usually, four shares are good if you are posting one in the morning, one in the noon, in the evening and one at night as this keeps followers coming back for more through the day and do not have to see their own news stream clogged with updates only from you.

Social Network


3. Make interacting with followers a priority

The whole point of putting your business on a social media page is to get closer to the customer and audience. In a world where traffic, user data and ad revenue have upped the stakes, it becomes easier for social media marketers to neglect the customer and focus on the business side of having social media followers.

The key to becoming truly popular on a social media site is to keep interaction with followers a top priority.

Even if you cannot go through the hundreds of comments on each post every time, speed reading through it and replying would boost your popularity for sure.

Also, make it a point to respond to each and every query that is placed on the company’s social media homepage.


4. Horses for courses

If you ask any good social media marketer, they are likely to tell you that you need to be present on every popular social media platform to get a good number of followers.

While that is good advice, what most “experts” fail to mention is that you need to create social marketing campaigns that are tailored to the requirements of a particular platform and target users’ behavior on that site.

As a social media marketer, you are expecting to have perfected the “make videos on YouTube and share on twitter and Facebook routine” as a part of your social networking interconnectivity program. However, to increase your social popularity across each platform, you need to create content that works for users on a particular site instead of simply sharing links to what you have done on another site.


5. Optimize for platform

One of the biggest mistakes social media markets make is that they think that sharing the same content on all social media platforms is enough.

That simply isn’t true. For example, users who are on Facebook interact with shared content differently that people who use twitter or YouTube.

Similarly, users on LinkedIn would be interested in content that is vastly different from what users expect to find on Pinterest or Google +.

When increasing social popularity is high on your agenda, you need to ensure that the content you share is suited to what works for a particular social media platform. A good way to go about this would be to create a striking collection of pins for Pinterest.

You can then share a link to this collection on twitter. For Facebook, it might be better to create an album using the same images instead of sharing a link to the collection on Pinterest.


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