Facebook Marketing: 6 Simple, Yet Important Things You Need to Know

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Undeniably, Facebook is one of the most well-known social networking sites that attract millions of users worldwide.

It connects people from all over the globe; it makes it possible for friends, classmates, co-workers and relatives to keep in touch easily through their services.

This site is not only intended for building relationships as businesses can definitely take advantage of it by using it as their marketing tool to improve the search visibility of their website.

It would be much easier to get in touch with clients and promote your products and services for your target audience.

Here are some tips that are useful when marketing on Facebook.


Adding Friends

When adding friends or subscribing to pages, make sure that all your efforts can help you market your business. Don’t just add random people to your account.

For example, if your company sells camping and survival gear, you can add camp counselors, backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts as friends.

Include the friends of other companies related to your industry like travel agencies, survival camps and more.


Post as Often as You Can

A lot of people tend to become lazy with their Facebook page, posting only once every few weeks. Since it’s a company account, you have to post regularly.

The whole purpose of having a Facebook page is for your company to acknowledge your presence to the public and interact with them.

If you rarely update your status or wall, it would be useless for you to have an account since you’re wasting the big chance to help your company get acknowledged by thousands of people.

In the start of the day, you can simply say hi and ask how the day of your followers is going on. It isn’t really necessary to post everything about your company’s products and info.

It doesn’t have to be too long or exaggerated; just something that will let your friends and subscribers know that your Facebook page is in service.

Facebook logo with "like" hand

Interact with Your Friends and Subscribers

Facebook allows its users to comment on someone else’s status, videos, photos and even let them chat or send a private message.

Check your company’s Facebook account regularly to see if someone sent you a message or made a comment. If they have questions or any concerns, make sure that you respond as soon as possible.

Stay in line with client interaction, involve your customers whenever you have something new coming up. For example, if you are a candle manufacturing company, and you are choosing between three new scents to release, you can post on your status the scents and ask them which one they prefer.

Cover photos can be seen when a friend or subscriber visits your profile. Instead of featuring a photo of your office, employees or company logo, why not post photos of your clients the products or customers visiting your office? Don’t post just any random person.

These are like ‘fan of the week’ promotions where the chosen friends’ photo will be used as your company’s cover photo for the whole week.

This will grab the attention of your friends and clients. They will be encouraged to pay a visit to your office or buy your products and have their photo taken. You can increase your sales and popularity with just a simple gesture.


Talk about Your Products and Services

Post photos that feature your product and add a cool description about it or an interesting fact.

You can also post videos about your services and other vital information about the company.

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  1. Great marketing tips! So far i believe it’s all about interacting with people, sharing and learning together with them. =)

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